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The lost post from last week!

Written 11/11/10, but for some reason it didn’t post!

So I’m done the WIP I posted about in my last post. I haven’t blocked the shawl yet nor have a taken pictures of my Scare Isle. So instead I’ll distract you with my new WIPs!

This is my mindless project that I started today.
Featherweight Granny Square #1

Next is my Trilobite hat from the Summer 2009 Knitty.  This is a fun to knit, but I don’t knit on it alot since this pattern takes a lot of concentration.  The yarn is Tatamy Tweed in Teal, it’s the yarn that I got from Monnibo as part of the Cocoa Swap I did a while back.  🙂  I can’t wait to finish it and wear it since we are being hit by La Nina this year.

Triobite Hat

Trilobite cable closeup

I promise that once I have pictures of my most recent FOs I post them. Till then happy knitting and crocheting!


Still alive and knitting!

Wow February was the last time I wrote a post, it’s been a long time.  There has been a lot of knitting that has happened and many time where I wanted to blog, but it always seemed to be put off till later.  Many months down the road, I guess it’s now later!  Not sure if anyone will be reading this anymore; however the whole reason why I started this blog wasn’t for the blog hits.

If I were to go over the FO parade of all that I have finished, it might take a while.  Ravelry has it all especially the projects that I still haven’t taken pictures of!  Instead I’ll share a few projects that are on my needles.

I cast this on yesterday and I’m happy to say that the yarn is from my stash as well as the beads!  This pattern is Sivia Harding’s latest pattern,  Confluence Shawlette .  I’m using Indigo Moon’s mulberry silk lace yarn in

Blue Diamond with a touch of teal and Toho 6/0 Silver-lined crystal from artbeads.com.  I’m finding this to be a relaxing knit, not too hard and not too complicated.

Scare Isle WIP

This is one of my favourite patterns from the Deep Fall issue of Knitty.  Scare Isleby Lorraine Condotta.  I love Halloween and anything related to Halloween.  I’m using Knitpicks Comfy fingering and my colours aren’t exact, but I still am loving the results.  I’m halfway through the snowflake chart and once I’m done that I’ll take some more pictures and post them here.

Ravelympics Gold!!

So I’ve managed to get a few metals in the Ravelympics thanks to bulky yarn, frogging and the Twilight fandom knits!  Team S.P.E.W. (aka HSKS rav group) is doing great and having lots of fun.

First we have my Bella’s Mittens

Picture of Bella's Mittens in grey, cabled mittens

Events competed in: Cable Cross-Country and Mittens Moguls
Project Specs:

Pattern – Bella’s Mittens, no mods (rav link to my project page)

Yarn – Knit picks Comfy Bulky in Cutlass less than two balls were used

Needles US 8 / 5.0 mm Harmony interchangeable circs (magic loop)

Start date : Feb 16, 2010

Finish Date & Time Feb 18, 2010 @ 12:25 pm PST

Notes:  I love this yarn and I love these mitts.  I noticed that some people said they had problems with Comfy Bulky and it pilling as well as shedding while they were knitting with it.  I didn’t have any problems at all with either.  The yarn is super soft and squooshy.  It may not be a “true” bulky weight, closer to a heavy worsted weight, but it still knits up really nicely and fast.

Next I have a Bella’s Hat for mini-me.  Umm I did mention that my Ravelympics knitting has been fueled on Twilight fandom knits right?  Forgive me, they are light and fluffy just like the books/movies.

Picture of Bella's hat, matching cabled hat for Bella's mittens

Events competed in Cable Cross-Country, Hat Halfpipe and Single Skein Speed Skate

Pattern – Bella’s Hat, no mods (rav link to my project page)

Yarn – Cascade Yarns 128 Superwash Chunky in Grey

Needles US 8 / 5.0 mm Harmony interchangeable circs (magic loop)

Start date : Feb 12, 2010

Finish Date & Time: Feb 13/2010 3:50pm PST

Notes:  If I wasn’t allergic to this yarn it would be absolute love.  It too is soft and smooshy as well as machine washable!  Mini-me loves her Bella’s Mittens that I made her with this yarn and I used the left over hank (I always get an extra emergency ball, you never know when you’ll need it!)  She is really happy with her hat, I plan on making one for myself with my leftovers from my mittens, but I find that the hat is a lot shorter than I’d like, so I’ll add a wee bit more ribbing to the bottom of the hat for mine.  Another gold metal win!

I also frogged my clapotis to get a metal in the Aerial Unwind.  I do plan to reknit this again, but I have forgotten where the heck I was with that one.  One day it will be a clapotis really!

Here’s my big Ravelympics as well as my Knitting Olympics project.  My sweater Estelle I’m knitting her out of Rowan Calmer in Garnet.  I am so in love with this sweater and can’t wait to wear it!  I finished the yoke and now it’s stockinette all the way, so it’s easy but boring knitting.  It’s relazing though and after dealing with my wisdom teeth removed and dry socket it’s a joy to just lose one’s self into the yarn.  Here’s a picture of the yoke progress.

Me modelling my Estelle sweater's flower heart yoke motif

Picture of the progress on top down cardigan Estelle pattern

LovinComfort Winter Warm Up Swap Package arrived!!

The talented Grace of the  Lovin’ Comfort Knits blog hosted a wonderful swap and I just got my package from my swap pal Ria.

Ria spoiled me rotten with awesome yarn (Kollage Corntastic and Temptation), dark chocolate, pomegranate tea,  Valentine’s Starbucks mug, uber-cute hug bug, tea tongs, rock sugar stirrers, super cute Penguin card, she made me two mug cozies (one cabled and other beaded and they fit my favourite to-go cups) and she sent me two patterns via Ravelry, one is Grace’s new pattern Comfort Embrace Shawl and the Theory Shawlette .  Thanks so much Ria, you spoilt me rotten and I love everything.

Two More Sleeps!

So it might be the drugs talking (I just got my wisdom teeth removed surgically a few days ago), but I’m super excited about the Ravelympics (I’m a co-captain for HSKS swap team, Team S.P.E.W!! )and Yarn Harlot’s 2010 Knitting Olympics and I decided to do both!  My project challenge, which I forgot to name in the 2010 Knitting Olympic sign up is Estelle, which I plan to knit with Rowan Calmer in the Garnet colourway.  This project will count for both games, so it’s two birds with one stone!  This cardi is beautiful with lace details.  I can’t wait to wear this and if I can get it all knit up in 17 days I’ll be very impressed with myself.  Wish me luck and come join the fun or cheer from the sidelines.

I have a stack of FO’s, some which are part of my Finishing 2010 project, but those will have to wait till after the Olympics are done!

Sleepless in Sockland

Okay it’s late and I’m having problems sleeping. His Tallest is on a business trip in India, so I have insomnia, which I don’t get frequently anymore. Well unless a certain someone is away on business! I know the title is a little cheezy, but that’s okay! I’ve been busy knitting on a new pair of lace socks. The pattern is addictive and simple. It’s a free super fantastic sock pattern on Ravelry, named Soybean Socks The original sock yarn that designer Christabel Seneque knit them out of Panda Soy, so I think that’s how these socks got their name. I’m using SockPixie Vegan (63% Cotton, and 37% Nylon Elastic blend) in the Sheherazade colourway. I call them my I &hearts Edamame Socks I just finished the first sock, did I mention it is a super fast knit. I started them on Feb 1. Here’s a picture I took of the progress I made the first day I started them. I love the way the heel turned out and start on the next sock later today.


Recovering from a yarn attack!

I can’t believe it, but I’m  almost knitting monogamously on a project!  I say almost because I occasionally have picked up and done a few rounds on a pair of socks that I’m knitting for mini-me.  I’ve been working on this lovely cowl pattern Norway (The first pattern of International Year of the Scarf by designer Ilga Lega) It’s more like a fake Möbius infinity scarf that’s all really popular at the moment.  I’m using Rowan Calmer in Onyx as the main colour and Sweet Georgia Silk Taffy in Midnight Show for the CC.  I am in love!  I named my Norway, Norwegian Goth(rav project page link).  I was finished yesterday….really I was.  That was until I looked at the pattern properly!  I had written the pattern into a notebook since I am out of printer paper.  Some how I had missed the stripes between the dash and dot fair isle sections!  See here, notice something?

If you guessed no stripe section between the fair isle patterns, you are correct (here have a cookie)!  Here I thought I was ready to graft the two ends together after a week of lovely no-stress knitting.  *sigh* I thought about just leaving it as is and call it an added design feature, but after looking at it for a minute or two I decided I had to rip it back to the error and fix it.  Yes, I’m not kidding you I ripped back black yarn and picked up all the stitches without really any problems!  The knitting gods were with me despite the fact that I was sick with a bad sinus cold.  Oh did I mention I had a sinus headache from hell yesterday?  I can’t believe I pulled it off.  Here are pictures of my Norwegian Goth when I pulled out the needles, then after I had picked up all the stitches.



See that little ball of silk that was all that I lost when I had to cut into the CC stripe since I had weaved in the end really well!  Not to bad, it could have been worse.  There was one small hiccup after picking up all the stitches somehow I had completely forgotten to make sure that I was at the beginning of the round before I started knitting away on the stripes.  Oops!  I managed to fool myself till I had finished all the stripe repeats and was about to start the fair isle pattern again.  I really looked at it and realized my mistake.  So last night I spend some more time tinking back to the beginning of the stripe pattern again.  After all that I was not going to take my chances ripping back again, I know when to play it safe!  Honestly while do so I really wasn’t that upset or angry at my knitting.  I was thinking how much I’ve enjoyed this project and that I get to spend some more time knitting on it.  I guess that’s what really soft Rowan Calmer and single ply silk will do to your head! Bonus is my fair isle technique has gotten better, if you look carefully you can actually tell the dashes are a bit bumpy, but the dots look lovely.

I spend all of today knitting on my Norwegian Goth while waiting in doctor’s offices since Mini-me has three appts. in a row!  Good thing that two of them were in the same office and I had brought my knitting.  I had a chat with another person about knitting, but this is a long post today.  I’ll save it for another day.  Here’s a picture of my progress so far, I just have some more repeats of the fair isle pattern, some stripes then the grafting together of the two ends to do.  I can’t wait to wear this infinity scarf, since we’ve been through a lot together and we both need some snuggle time!