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All a blur

So it is about one month since my surgery and there has been some complications. My vision is really blurry right now and I can only see things that are about 30 cm or less away from me and even that is not so clear. I see my Dr. in May and if it is healed enough he will be able to laser off the cloudy membrane that has stolen the awesome vision I had for the frist two days after the surgery.

I am a little cranky because I can’t do any strenous exercise or anything that requires me to put my eye below my heart level still. I really, really miss yoga and I am sad that I have to delay dancer’s bootcamp that I got an awesome discount for one month of unlimited dance classes including bootcamp. Walking is okay but I have to be careful because if I try to look at anything further away from me then 30 cm I get a headache and nausea from the blurred vision. May seems si far awat right now, but I have to keep postive because this can be solved, I just need to heal some more.

So I have been entertaining myself with audiobooks and knitting. Simple knitting, so I am getting a wee bit bored though. I am working on three shawlettes, I’m to L to find all the names and they aren’t on my ravelry page yet. I will get on that in a few days or so. A problem that I am finding is each shawl has a differenet edging and center sts., so when I jump from one to another I mess up and there has been a lot of frogging.

I did finish the cutest little project meet Kroll he is going to leaving for his new home (my Doctor Who swap pal. I made him with left overs of Knitpicks comfy fingering from my Scare Isle Tam. The pattern calls for worsted, but I love the fingering mini version. I am starting on my second squid to give to a friend fro her upcoming birthday The pattern is a Hansi Singh pattern click the rav button to see

What do you have on your needles?


A little happiness

My eye one week after surgeryMy surgery has come and gone.  It has been a week and still there is a little bit of pain and slight complications.  Those should clear up in the next month or so.  Till then I need to stay positive and roll with the punches.  It is a little frustrating that the fantastic vision (20/40, almost 20/30) I had in the operated eye is now all blurry (mostly the very central vision lol and that is where almost all my vision is due to optic nerve damage ;;sigh;;) due to what my Dr. thinks is swelling in the macula This is not an uncommon side effect of eye surgery, but frustrating and confusing at first.  There is a stitch in my eye causing some irritation and a wee bit of pain, but that is slowly starting to subside and only affects me for a few hours in the morning.   Here is a picture of my eye one week after surgery (yesterday) and a funny picture of me with the eye patch I have to wear at night.

Picture of me with eye patch with holes taped to one eye and caption of Eye surgery really bugs me! Buzz

So I have been keeping myself busy with some simple knitting.  I yarn bombed my bus stop for a challenge in Nerd Wars for Team TARDIS.

Hello Sweetie!  Yarnbombing by team TARDIS - brown background with pink crocheted cherry blossoms wrapped around a horizontal wood piece on a bench

I also finished my (rav link to my project page for )Chop Suey, the galactic emperor! Not Socks. These were a fun and easy knit.  I didn’t use all of the hank of sock yarn, but I haven’t had a chance to actually weigh the left over ball yet.  I used Whimzy Pinzy Creations hand-dyed panda cotton in the Slytherin colourway that I  received from HSKS ( I think round 9) swap pal Guinifer LeFleur. Thank you again I lurve it) I started this pattern a few days before my surgery to help calm me down with some simple knitting and finished the rest while recovering slowly.  Good thing this pattern is well written and simple;  otherwise I won’t have been able to pull off finishing them this week.  These fingerless gloves are awesome and keep my whole arm warm while reading, I highly recommend this pattern.

Not socks (fingerless gloves) in Slytherin colourway

Chop Suey not socks



The Odd Ducks Doctor Who Swap – The oncoming storm….of questions

Favourite Doctor: #4, Tom Baker followed by #10 David Tennant 😀 and I’m starting to really like #11 🙂

Favourite Companion: Romana (both regeneration) and K-9 then Amy, Rose, Sarah Jane and Mickey the Idiot! I got so excited when I saw K-9 with Ten then I squeed really loudly and might have shed of tear of happiness

Favourite Master: Anthony Ainley

Favourite Episode: Blink followed by The Doctor and Vincent….then anything written by Stephen Moffat and some old ones that I can’t quite recall right now

What do I love about the series? What isn’t there to love? Sci-fi, excitement, puns, geeky goofiness, the hilarity of old-school props, and the dreamy doctor.

An Icon from the series: The TARDIS? A dalek? The Scarf? Oh it’s so a tie between the TARDIS, the Doctor and the Sonic Screwdriver 😎 Daleks and other creatures are awesome though.

Favourite Threat/Non-Threat: The Ood

Favourite villains: Daleks and the Master. I also like the Adipose, Daleks, Sutekh(I found him kinda scary as a kid, but now I kinda like him — I like Egyptology and when it mashes with the doctor it’s bound to be even more fun).  Cassandra cracks me up too!

UK DVD’s okay? sure

What memorabilia do you have?: One sonic screwdriver (11th doctor model), one big River Song journal, one awesome handmade TARDIS journal, 2 pairs of awesome handmade Dalek stitch markers, One TARDIS hide your money in it keychain, all episodes of the New Who and all Tom Bakers, and a couple of Doctor Who audiobooks narrated by David Tennant

Cutest villains: Adipose

Sexiest creature on (and beyond) earth: Besides the Doctor especially Ten, Captain Jack especially in Bad Wolf

What monster/villain/character would you not want to receive? The Master (any incarnation love him, but he gives me the heebie jeebies ), Cybermen (especially the new versions!), Weeping Angels (still have nightmares and can’t look at angel statues the same way anymore), Slitheen (they smell horrible!),The Empty Child (Makes me want to call for my mommy ;;shivers and hides;;), Autons (new or old they are creepy!), Zygons, The Empress of the Racnoss (spider-like alien, not my cuppa tea thankyouverymuch), Magnus Greel (one word: yuck – btw he is from serial 91 if anyone is interested, The fourth Doctor Tom Baker and Leela was his companion, but I really like Professor Litefoot) as well as Mr. Sin(he gave me more nightmares then Chucky!), and Meglos(needs no explanation there!). Those are the ones that come to mind the most!

What was your first Who experience? I can recall watching it religiously with one of my childhood friend’s mother when I was around 8. She was a huge DW fan 😀 I’m positive that I watched them before with my mom, when they played Tom Baker reruns and such, but this is my first fond memory of watching the Doctor. My friend and her brother would make fun of me, her older sister and mom for being transfixed to the television when it was on.

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Picking up the pieces

It’s a new year and even though January wasn’t the best start to 2011 that I hoped for I picking up the pieces and making something worth while and pretty. I’m slowly recovering from a nasty fight with labyrinthitis that had me house for all of january and a little bit of February. The vertigo still comes and goes, but it is no longer constant nor making me fall on my ass like a baby learning how to walk again. I am exercising again and doing exercises that help reset my vestibular system. Yay!

Another big thing for me is I am having a cataract removed from my function eye and getting two permanent lens — an artificial iris and corrective. I found out from my specialist lab tech that my surgery should be booked in the next couple months before my birthday even!

I have been knitting and finished a beautiful Haruni, my clapotis, and a few other things, but a lot of my knitting time has been frequenting the frog pond. I will post pics later, since I haven’t figured how to do so from my new iPad. I am loving my iPad, after seeing it in person at knit night I got one for myself. I can read comics again! Squee. This is not a paid advertisement nor am I affiliated with apple I am just a happy owner.

I am typing this while Faye is sleeping on my feet in our room at the Hotel Murano. You may wonder why I am here or why the name might sound familiar that’s because I mentioned it a while back when excited about going to Madrona for the first time! Classes start tomorrow and I am excited and nervous. It feels like first day at a new school jitters, lol. I will try to take lots of pics and post them. I will either blog as I go or once I get back. Not sure yet. Off to bed and I will be back very soon, seriously!

The lost post from last week!

Written 11/11/10, but for some reason it didn’t post!

So I’m done the WIP I posted about in my last post. I haven’t blocked the shawl yet nor have a taken pictures of my Scare Isle. So instead I’ll distract you with my new WIPs!

This is my mindless project that I started today.
Featherweight Granny Square #1

Next is my Trilobite hat from the Summer 2009 Knitty.  This is a fun to knit, but I don’t knit on it alot since this pattern takes a lot of concentration.  The yarn is Tatamy Tweed in Teal, it’s the yarn that I got from Monnibo as part of the Cocoa Swap I did a while back.  🙂  I can’t wait to finish it and wear it since we are being hit by La Nina this year.

Triobite Hat

Trilobite cable closeup

I promise that once I have pictures of my most recent FOs I post them. Till then happy knitting and crocheting!

LovinComfort Winter Warm Up Swap Package arrived!!

The talented Grace of the  Lovin’ Comfort Knits blog hosted a wonderful swap and I just got my package from my swap pal Ria.

Ria spoiled me rotten with awesome yarn (Kollage Corntastic and Temptation), dark chocolate, pomegranate tea,  Valentine’s Starbucks mug, uber-cute hug bug, tea tongs, rock sugar stirrers, super cute Penguin card, she made me two mug cozies (one cabled and other beaded and they fit my favourite to-go cups) and she sent me two patterns via Ravelry, one is Grace’s new pattern Comfort Embrace Shawl and the Theory Shawlette .  Thanks so much Ria, you spoilt me rotten and I love everything.

Year of Finishing FO’s 1&2

So I finished two pair of socks that have been lingering on the needles.  They aren’t the projects I had planned on working on first, but it’s great to have them finished.  They both are toe up socks and I’m not sure if either of them made it to the blog as a WIP!  Here they are and if you click on the photo you will be taken to my rav project page for each sock.

I got some great Winter Solstice presents from my m-in-law.  Here’s a picture of one of the tea cups she gifted me (I have four of them).  I also make sugar cookies for tomorrows Canada Reads 2010 Terminal City Yarn Wranglers book meeting and had a few extra to eat with my tea.  The cookie cutter is a wonderful gift from a secret pal Pam (I’d link to her blog but it has now gone); it is in the shape of a teapot!