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Flu causes Knitter to catch Startitis

So I’m sick with the flu.  Meh.  I did finally get a chance to take pictures of some of my FOs and WIPs.  Even though the title suggest that the startitis was caused by the flu, I think it started a little earlier than I’d like to admit…

I’ve been working on Jared Flood’s Juneberry Shawl in BMFA Luscious Silk in Jade.  I was inspired to use this yarn, by Steven A’s

secret silver silk shawl (rav link).  I am a wee bit worried that I might not have enough yarn and might have to use another hank in a different colour for the edging.  I’m a couple of rows from starting the edging so I’ll just have to hold my breath and use a KP cable as a lifeline just in case.  This pattern is knitted lace so both the RS and the WS are worked instead of the WS being a “purl back” row.  So since I’m sick I haven’t worked on it much.  I worked a few rows yesterday and got hooked since I love this yarn and pattern so much.  I came to my senses quickly, while realizing that if I don’t put it down right there and then I will pay for my over-confidence that working a difficult pattern with the flu would be fine.  So right now Juneberry is safe and once I’m feeling better I’ll pick it up again.


Early this month I had the urge to cast on a sweater.  I normally participate in NaKniSweMo, but this year I decided to sit it out.  My brain decided that November is for knitting sweaters and without thinking too much I cast on for Peasy with some Tatamy Tweed in Birch.  I bought 10 balls  to knit my NaKniSweMo 2008 sweater Rogue (my rav project page link)  and only used slightly lover 4 balls.  I can’t believe it only took that many balls to knit a sweater with a kangaroo pocket and hood!  I’m am enjoying working on Peasy, since it’s a pretty simple knit.  I’m a few more repeats away from finishing the lace panel then it’s stockinette all the way.  I want to finish this so I can wear it at Madrona.  (what’s Madrona you may be thinking click here for more info) Oh wait I never mentioned the fact that I am going to Madrona this year!  Squee!  I’m so excited it will be my first year and I got my top three classes I wanted to take.  ;;does a happy dance;;  I’ll talk about this in more detail on another post in the very near future; otherwise this post will get way too long!

Yesterday I had a huge urge to knit on something lovely like loosely plied silk and since my Juneberry shawl was too complicated I was in need of some stupid knitting.  Enter the Clapotis.  Now that I’ve been knitting for a while this is a nice and relaxing pattern to knit.  Back in 2007, (wow that long ago!) I knitted a clapotis, but modified it to be a smaller scarf version.  I tried to knit a full sized verison in some lovely red bamboo yarn, but it wasn’t meant to be and it was frogged for a medal in the 2010 Ravlympics.  It’s been very cold with some snow thrown in here and I wanted something warm and huge to wrap myself it.  This is the perfect pattern and yarn and I hope to have this finished by the end of December, so I have something to snuggle in during the holiday dinners.  This yarn cheers me up and it’s a pure joy to knit with.  So soft and yummy, nom nom nom.

Okay it’s time to show you the FOs 🙂  Yep that’s right.  I have some FOs and actually real pictures of them, yay!

I made a Bella Eclipse Hat (with a mod) details can be found on my rav page here

Also as promised a picture of my finished Scare Isle Tam.  I haven’t added a button on it yet.  I found the KP Comfy fingering stretched a lot even after putting it in the dryer!  I plan on knitting another one with smaller needles, but till then I’ll add a cool button to this one and wear it.  I love this tam a lot and you can find the details on my rav project page here.  Faye was a very shy model today, but you get to see the hat details well due to her coyness.  You can find more pictures of this and all the other projects on this post on Ravelry, which has stolen most of my motivation for blogging.  I’m working on starting to blog on a regular basis again, since I do enjoy it and have missed it as well. I’m off to bed since it’s super late.  Oh wait I lie I’m going to make a nice warm cuppa tea first.  Night!



Still knitting away – NaKniSweMo Day 14

So I have slowed down on my Rogue sweater knitting progress, but I’m still getting a lot done to be able to have a finished sweater by the end of November. I have the body, back and front and one sleeve done, now I just need to cast on for the second sleeve, knit the hood and try not to procrastinate on the finishing! I really love this sweater even with all the “personal design features” 😉 So I don’t see myself procrastinating too long on the finishing! One thing I have noticed is that the cables don’t pop as much as they should, but that’s due to the yarn I’m using. Tatamy Tweed is a cotton/acrylic blend so it still still shows the cables, just not as well as a nice wool or wool blend would. Since I’m allergic to wool I can’t be too disappointed, now can I. Oh can you tell what I did differently then the pattern?  Give up I knit the sleeves in the round instead of knitting flat and seaming them together.  That means less annoying finishing and I find I knit faster in the round then I knit a piece flat.  Maybe that’s why I’m so sock crazy!

Friday Yarn Pr0n and NaKniSweMo progress update

1. Lorna’s Laces Limited Edition Amy Friendly Yarn — Amy’s Vintage Office close up, 2. Lorna’s Laces Limited Edition Amy Friendly Yarn — Amy’s Vintage Office close up, 3. SweetGeorgia Silk Taffy in Midnight Show, 4. SweetGeorgia Yarn Spun Silk 20/2 Graceful

So I found out SweetGeorgia Yarns has silk (Thank you Felicia!!), so I broke my vow of not buying new yarn and got some lace weight and dk silk from her in such yummy purples that I’m going to have to fight my darlin’ daughter, Mini-me to make sure they stay mine.  Also bought before the ban on buying more yarn is some of Lorna Laces Limited Edition Amy Friendly yarn in Amy’s Vintage Office.  Oh I love this yarn and want to make something special with it.  So after a falldown in yarn buying I am petting some gorgeous silk and trying to tell myself that I’m not going to need any more yarn for a long time.  Lol, let’s see how long this lasts!

Rogue WIP

Rogue WIP

So it’s the seventh day of NaKniSweMo and I have finished the back and half of the front of Rogue.  Sadly I noticed that my kangaroo pocket is slightly on crooked, but hey what can one do when they are trying to do tricky knitting things with limited vision.  So I’m going to continue on and be proud of my accomplishment, and think of it as an accidental design feature 😉  I’m really enjoying knitting Rogue, Jenna Wilson, the designer, has written a clear and easy to follow pattern.  This sweater is knitting up really fast for me.  I’m thinking I might be able to start the CPH once I’m done Rogue and try for two sweaters in a month.  I doubt that will happen, but hey I can try!  The weather here has been dreadful, for the last week it’s mostly been a downpouring, which is normal Lower Mainland fall/winter weather.  It will be nice to have a nice cozy sweater to keep the cool chill off.  For all those participating in NaKniSweMo, knit on and thanks to those who are cheering for us on the sidelines.

I survived NaKniSweMo and all I got was this..

frackin’ beautiful cozy sweater!!!!!!!!1
Here’s some pics of my CPH all finished (minus the wooden toogles for enclosures)

CPH back<!–

Designer – Heather Lodinsky
Started November 1, 2007
Finished November 29, 2007
Knitted for myself as part of NaKniSweMo
yarn Cascade Pima Tencel in Moss
Yarn used approx. 10.5 skeins = 1260.0 yards (1152.1m)
Needles used size 3.7US 5) and 4.5 mm (US 7)
Thoughts :
My next CPH (yes, I’m planning to knit another one. I luuurrvveee this sweater) I want use Tatamy Tweed WW, just need to chose the colour and buy the yarn! Also the sleeves a litte tighter because I knit tighter in the round but after a little wear it seems fine

NaKniSweMo Day 1

I’ve started my Central Park Hoodie in Cascade Pima Tencel in Moss and it’s going quickly. I’ve finished the ribbing and almost the first cable repeat. This is the project I’ve picked for NaKniSweMo. A whole bunch of us adventurous (some may read this as crazy) have taken the challenge of knitting a sweater with 50,000 or more sts.

Are you ready here’s the math. I’ve knit about 6 inches plus I’m knitting the body in one piece. So that’s 178 sts. at gauge 23 rows per inch to a total of approx. 6,141 sts out of 50,000. So to meet the target of 50,000 sts in a month one must knit a total of approx. 1, 666 sts per day; however I’m sure that my choosen pattern in the large is much more than 50, 000. If I keep up this pace I’ll be done in no time.

I’m putting all my projects aside for this month to complete my sweater/cardi and can’t wait to try on the finished object at the end of the month. The only project I’m not going to put down during this time is my International ScarfExchange Pal’s scarf I’m crocheting this for my pal in this beautiful blue SWTC pure (soysilk) that I got at one of my LYS. Yep one of my LYS’s has soysilk SQQQUUUEEEEEE. So to go on with it, I don’t want to include pictures of the progress nor on Ravelry just in case she finds me. She likes a good mystery to solve like I do and I’m sure she is crafty enough in the sleuthing department to put clues together. So this crochet WIP is on super secret lock-down for now.