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The Long And Winding Road

It has been a long and winding road that has brought me back to blogging.  I write blog posts in my head, but they never make it here.  Ravelry and food allergies has sucked up my blogging mojo. So I had a food allergy test last year and found out not only am I allergic to corn (knew this one) and dairy, but also wheat (I somewhat suspected this one), egg whites and oranges!  I really miss oranges 😦  It has made making quick and easy food a bit of a non-existent thing for me because corn and wheat is in everything!  So I have to make so much of what I eat down to the tiniest details like soup stock, chilli powder, bread etc…There are a lot more non-wheat options out there, but almost all of them have corn, dairy and/or eggs. Eating out is a crap shoot and most of the time I end up sick and in pain for a few days, so it’s not really work it.  I do feel fantastic now and have energy as well as no pain, migraines, brain fog, stomach issues etc…It may suck having to not eat the wonderful things your friends are eating, but the results are so worth it.

The needles are still flying.  I still need to block and take pictures of a lot of things I’ve had so far this year.  This is one of my favourites though.  Berrocco Remix is my new favourite yarn, since Rowan discontinued the best sheepless yarn ever, Calmer.  All those non-smoking and non-cat owning knitters you can send the Calmer that just still in your stash to me and I will gladly give it a good home as well as knit it up.  I thought I’d test Remix on a hat, since I have only started two sweaters with it!  I knit Ashley the Worsted out of one ball of Strawberry.  I only knit 3 chart repeats instead of 4, but I found the hat still to be a bit big 😦  I still love it and plan to make another hat out of Remix, but make sure to use much smaller needles and maybe even make a swatch to decide what needle to use.



Flu causes Knitter to catch Startitis

So I’m sick with the flu.  Meh.  I did finally get a chance to take pictures of some of my FOs and WIPs.  Even though the title suggest that the startitis was caused by the flu, I think it started a little earlier than I’d like to admit…

I’ve been working on Jared Flood’s Juneberry Shawl in BMFA Luscious Silk in Jade.  I was inspired to use this yarn, by Steven A’s

secret silver silk shawl (rav link).  I am a wee bit worried that I might not have enough yarn and might have to use another hank in a different colour for the edging.  I’m a couple of rows from starting the edging so I’ll just have to hold my breath and use a KP cable as a lifeline just in case.  This pattern is knitted lace so both the RS and the WS are worked instead of the WS being a “purl back” row.  So since I’m sick I haven’t worked on it much.  I worked a few rows yesterday and got hooked since I love this yarn and pattern so much.  I came to my senses quickly, while realizing that if I don’t put it down right there and then I will pay for my over-confidence that working a difficult pattern with the flu would be fine.  So right now Juneberry is safe and once I’m feeling better I’ll pick it up again.


Early this month I had the urge to cast on a sweater.  I normally participate in NaKniSweMo, but this year I decided to sit it out.  My brain decided that November is for knitting sweaters and without thinking too much I cast on for Peasy with some Tatamy Tweed in Birch.  I bought 10 balls  to knit my NaKniSweMo 2008 sweater Rogue (my rav project page link)  and only used slightly lover 4 balls.  I can’t believe it only took that many balls to knit a sweater with a kangaroo pocket and hood!  I’m am enjoying working on Peasy, since it’s a pretty simple knit.  I’m a few more repeats away from finishing the lace panel then it’s stockinette all the way.  I want to finish this so I can wear it at Madrona.  (what’s Madrona you may be thinking click here for more info) Oh wait I never mentioned the fact that I am going to Madrona this year!  Squee!  I’m so excited it will be my first year and I got my top three classes I wanted to take.  ;;does a happy dance;;  I’ll talk about this in more detail on another post in the very near future; otherwise this post will get way too long!

Yesterday I had a huge urge to knit on something lovely like loosely plied silk and since my Juneberry shawl was too complicated I was in need of some stupid knitting.  Enter the Clapotis.  Now that I’ve been knitting for a while this is a nice and relaxing pattern to knit.  Back in 2007, (wow that long ago!) I knitted a clapotis, but modified it to be a smaller scarf version.  I tried to knit a full sized verison in some lovely red bamboo yarn, but it wasn’t meant to be and it was frogged for a medal in the 2010 Ravlympics.  It’s been very cold with some snow thrown in here and I wanted something warm and huge to wrap myself it.  This is the perfect pattern and yarn and I hope to have this finished by the end of December, so I have something to snuggle in during the holiday dinners.  This yarn cheers me up and it’s a pure joy to knit with.  So soft and yummy, nom nom nom.

Okay it’s time to show you the FOs 🙂  Yep that’s right.  I have some FOs and actually real pictures of them, yay!

I made a Bella Eclipse Hat (with a mod) details can be found on my rav page here

Also as promised a picture of my finished Scare Isle Tam.  I haven’t added a button on it yet.  I found the KP Comfy fingering stretched a lot even after putting it in the dryer!  I plan on knitting another one with smaller needles, but till then I’ll add a cool button to this one and wear it.  I love this tam a lot and you can find the details on my rav project page here.  Faye was a very shy model today, but you get to see the hat details well due to her coyness.  You can find more pictures of this and all the other projects on this post on Ravelry, which has stolen most of my motivation for blogging.  I’m working on starting to blog on a regular basis again, since I do enjoy it and have missed it as well. I’m off to bed since it’s super late.  Oh wait I lie I’m going to make a nice warm cuppa tea first.  Night!


Ravelympics Gold!!

So I’ve managed to get a few metals in the Ravelympics thanks to bulky yarn, frogging and the Twilight fandom knits!  Team S.P.E.W. (aka HSKS rav group) is doing great and having lots of fun.

First we have my Bella’s Mittens

Picture of Bella's Mittens in grey, cabled mittens

Events competed in: Cable Cross-Country and Mittens Moguls
Project Specs:

Pattern – Bella’s Mittens, no mods (rav link to my project page)

Yarn – Knit picks Comfy Bulky in Cutlass less than two balls were used

Needles US 8 / 5.0 mm Harmony interchangeable circs (magic loop)

Start date : Feb 16, 2010

Finish Date & Time Feb 18, 2010 @ 12:25 pm PST

Notes:  I love this yarn and I love these mitts.  I noticed that some people said they had problems with Comfy Bulky and it pilling as well as shedding while they were knitting with it.  I didn’t have any problems at all with either.  The yarn is super soft and squooshy.  It may not be a “true” bulky weight, closer to a heavy worsted weight, but it still knits up really nicely and fast.

Next I have a Bella’s Hat for mini-me.  Umm I did mention that my Ravelympics knitting has been fueled on Twilight fandom knits right?  Forgive me, they are light and fluffy just like the books/movies.

Picture of Bella's hat, matching cabled hat for Bella's mittens

Events competed in Cable Cross-Country, Hat Halfpipe and Single Skein Speed Skate

Pattern – Bella’s Hat, no mods (rav link to my project page)

Yarn – Cascade Yarns 128 Superwash Chunky in Grey

Needles US 8 / 5.0 mm Harmony interchangeable circs (magic loop)

Start date : Feb 12, 2010

Finish Date & Time: Feb 13/2010 3:50pm PST

Notes:  If I wasn’t allergic to this yarn it would be absolute love.  It too is soft and smooshy as well as machine washable!  Mini-me loves her Bella’s Mittens that I made her with this yarn and I used the left over hank (I always get an extra emergency ball, you never know when you’ll need it!)  She is really happy with her hat, I plan on making one for myself with my leftovers from my mittens, but I find that the hat is a lot shorter than I’d like, so I’ll add a wee bit more ribbing to the bottom of the hat for mine.  Another gold metal win!

I also frogged my clapotis to get a metal in the Aerial Unwind.  I do plan to reknit this again, but I have forgotten where the heck I was with that one.  One day it will be a clapotis really!

Here’s my big Ravelympics as well as my Knitting Olympics project.  My sweater Estelle I’m knitting her out of Rowan Calmer in Garnet.  I am so in love with this sweater and can’t wait to wear it!  I finished the yoke and now it’s stockinette all the way, so it’s easy but boring knitting.  It’s relazing though and after dealing with my wisdom teeth removed and dry socket it’s a joy to just lose one’s self into the yarn.  Here’s a picture of the yoke progress.

Me modelling my Estelle sweater's flower heart yoke motif

Picture of the progress on top down cardigan Estelle pattern

Happy New Year

So 2009, there was knitting done, quite a lot of knitting done.  There is one thing that wasn’t happening much last year, finishing!!  So my knitting resolution for 2010, it is going to be finishing all the projects that have been lingering around.  If I manage to do with I’ll have at least four new sweaters.  I  would also have a many pairs of socks, shawls, fingerless gloves, scarves and other knitting goodies.  Here’s to the year 2010 the year of finishing!

Also here’s a photo recap of all my finished projects (that I took pictures of!) for 2009.  2009 wasn’t all full of just UFO’s!

All I want for Giftmas

Happy Winter Solstice ( 0r insert seasonal holiday that you celebrate) everyone!  I’ve been very busy trying to get my giftmas knitting done. I really want a pair of house elves to clean and help me with the knitting.  I am going to give up on having the mini-sweaters and mini-sock ornaments  done in time.  Oh well I’ll be early for next year 😉  I was really silly and ordered yarn for mini-me Bella mitts last month, thinking I’ll get it early December and it will knit up fast since it’s chunky yarn.  Well guess what, I didn’t get it in the mail till yesterday.  There was some delay with one of the yarns I ordered and after the website showing it was in stock, I guess someone else snatched it up and I had to wait a really frickin’ long time! So Mini-me is going to get one mitt and the promise of the other all wrapped up for giftmas.  That is if I can manage to finish the first mitt!   I also had ordered these really cool beer soaps for His Tallest’s side of the family and they still haven’t shown up yet either.  *sigh*  That little etsy store got over-loaded so I can somewhat relate, but that really makes things a pain in the arse for me since I have to find someone else to replace this with at the very last minute.

I did get two last minute gifts done.  I realized I didn’t get anything for the girlfriends of my two brothers!  So Sunday, after knitting with the Yarn Wranglers I stopped off at Three Bags Full to purchase two hanks of Malabrigo Chunky (Indigo and Polar Morn).  Folks this is one of the only yarns (besides superwash) that doesn’t make me want to tear the skin off my hands.  I still get hay fever like symptoms and a sore throat, so I won’t be wearing any Malabrigo any time soon.  It is nice though to be able to knit with it though.  I make two Dolores Park Cowls (non-Rav link since Rave is currently down).  All the details are on Ravelry so I’ll post links to my project pages later.  Thank you mini-me for being a great model!

FO: Jayne Hat

To distract you from the fact that I haven’t blogged in a long time, I give you super cute pictures of an FO modelled by Faye!

Pattern: Jayne Cobb Hat

Designer: Heather Hill

Made for: Yule present for friend

Yarn: Blue Sky Alpacas Dyed Cotton in Poppy, Pumpkin and Lemonade

Yardage: estimated at 300 yards (Sorry I don’t have a scale)

Needles used:  6.5 mm/US 10½

Notes: I love Firefly and Jayne!  I don’t know if I’ll make this one for myself since the colours don’t really work for me, but it was nice to knit it up for someone else to enjoy.  I really hope the recipient likes it and I’m adding a tasty bottle of Scotch to go with it.  I don’t think the person will enjoy mudder’s milk, so excellent Scotch it is!

Jayne Hat in all it's gloryBlack lab (Faye) wearing a Jayne Cobb (firefly) earflap hat in Orange, Red and Yellow with a big ass pompom

One happy little fangirl!

So I knit Mini-me a hat in about 5 hours today.  I’m glad I’m done, I’m allergic to the yarn (alpaca isn’t any better than wool for me, even with a high silk content); however she’s not and it will keep her super warm since it’s getting cold out.  Mini-me is a fan of the HP world, just like I am.  I saw some Andean Silk in Slate a while ago when I was browsing Knitpicks to add some more things to add to my cart since I had purchased some books during their sale.  I couldn’t help but throw two balls into my cart to make a Hermione Cables and Eyelets Hat for mini-me.  I’ve been wanting to knit this pattern since it was posted.  I finally got my order in the mail today.  It came while I was out, but the lovely postal worker hid the box under a pair of shoes I have outside and our outdoors broom.  Thank you so much Parcel Delivery Person you made my day!  I cast on for this hat around 3 pm and finished it around 8 pm.  I love quick knits!  My gauge was a little off so I omitted the repeat of rows 28-40.  Mini-me was so happy with the hat and she claims she is going to wear the hat all day tomorrow at school.  Maybe I should have saved this hat for X-mas or her birthday!  Here’s a few pictures of Mini-me hamming it up for the camera 🙂