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About moi

  1. I am Knitter who used to be a Crocheter, but now I occasionally crochet.
  2. I am a huge bibliophile, I mostly eat Fantasy/Sci-fi books Adult/YA and the occasional Children types
  3. i am a Vancouverite who moved to the ‘burbs
  4. I am visually impaired with a little bit of vision in my right eye and only light perception in the left.
  5. I am the owner of the cutest black lab guide dog named Faye.
  6. I am mommy to mini-me who is now a teenager (eyah!) and partner to  His Tallest
  7. I am a gamer and really, really want a Wii please if you have an extra I’ll gladly give it a good home!
  8. A mythology lover and techno(logy)-geek at heart, who loves to read urban fantasy and some sci-fi (especially cyberpunk thought I’m not overly read in that subset yet) because it usually melds my two loves together. My favourite authors in this sub-genre are Charles de Lint, Tanya Huff, C.E. Murphy, Neil Gaiman, O.R. Melling, Patricia A. McKillip, Orson Scott Card, Sheri Tepper, William Gibson, Neal Stephenson
  9. Dragons!!!!!!! I love dragons and will read any books with dragons in it, no matter how badly written I’ll give it a try 🙂
  10. I luuurrrvvveeee tea
  11. Anime, cartoons and claymation are great fun. Tim Burton is magnificently talented, just like Hayao Miyazaki.
  12. I have tons of allergies – I’m even allergic to my guide dog
  13. I need coffee to survive, okay I don’t but somedays it feels like it!
  14. I love sushi, nom nom nom
  15. This is my favourite number because I was born on the 13th
  16. My favourite colours are blue, green and red (shades of cobalt, indigo, midnight, kelly, forest, moss, olive, jade, burgandy, venetian, sangria, and rust). I also like black.
  17. I was a social outcast throughout high school. I still don’t really fit into society’s “norms” and don’t want to.
  18. I’ve been told by many that I don’t “look” blind and I’m still trying to figure out what blind “looks” like. If you know please fill me in.
  19. I’m drawn to photography, especially now since I’ve lost so much of my sight. It shows me more than I can see with my eyes all at once.
  20. I love kawaii things, especially kawaii noir things.
  21. T.V. Shows I like are:
    • Doctor Who
    • Corner Gas
    • BSG
    • Heroes
    • Veronica Mars
    • Firefly
    • Ren & Stimpy
    • M*A*S*H
    • Animaniacs
    • The Dresden Files (I’m so sad that this got cancelled just like Firefly!)
    • Who’s Line is it Anyway?
    • The Drew Carey Show
    • Newsradio
    • Simpsons
    • Futurama
    • Coupling (Brit not American one)
    • Babylon 5
    • Star Trek NG
    • Scoopy Doo
    • How I Met Your Mother (freeekin’ awesome!)
  22. I love nature and nature walks; however I’m allergic to most of it, so I’ve stayed away lately
  23. I’m a bit shy, but when I’m nervous I talk way too much.
  24. I like to make lists especially on the books I’ve read: Update to add to read pile 2008 link.

One Response

  1. I don’t want to get you into another addiction, but Goodreads is another great book site… Now I’ve got to go check out the one you mentioned! No wonder you used to be a Ravenclaw!!

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