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All a blur

So it is about one month since my surgery and there has been some complications. My vision is really blurry right now and I can only see things that are about 30 cm or less away from me and even that is not so clear. I see my Dr. in May and if it is healed enough he will be able to laser off the cloudy membrane that has stolen the awesome vision I had for the frist two days after the surgery.

I am a little cranky because I can’t do any strenous exercise or anything that requires me to put my eye below my heart level still. I really, really miss yoga and I am sad that I have to delay dancer’s bootcamp that I got an awesome discount for one month of unlimited dance classes including bootcamp. Walking is okay but I have to be careful because if I try to look at anything further away from me then 30 cm I get a headache and nausea from the blurred vision. May seems si far awat right now, but I have to keep postive because this can be solved, I just need to heal some more.

So I have been entertaining myself with audiobooks and knitting. Simple knitting, so I am getting a wee bit bored though. I am working on three shawlettes, I’m to L to find all the names and they aren’t on my ravelry page yet. I will get on that in a few days or so. A problem that I am finding is each shawl has a differenet edging and center sts., so when I jump from one to another I mess up and there has been a lot of frogging.

I did finish the cutest little project meet Kroll he is going to leaving for his new home (my Doctor Who swap pal. I made him with left overs of Knitpicks comfy fingering from my Scare Isle Tam. The pattern calls for worsted, but I love the fingering mini version. I am starting on my second squid to give to a friend fro her upcoming birthday The pattern is a Hansi Singh pattern click the rav button to see

What do you have on your needles?


One Response

  1. I hope you’re feeling better.

    Alas, my needles are dusty from lack of use 😦

    Happy blogoversary πŸ™‚

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