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The Odd Ducks Doctor Who Swap – The oncoming storm….of questions

Favourite Doctor: #4, Tom Baker followed by #10 David Tennant 😀 and I’m starting to really like #11 🙂

Favourite Companion: Romana (both regeneration) and K-9 then Amy, Rose, Sarah Jane and Mickey the Idiot! I got so excited when I saw K-9 with Ten then I squeed really loudly and might have shed of tear of happiness

Favourite Master: Anthony Ainley

Favourite Episode: Blink followed by The Doctor and Vincent….then anything written by Stephen Moffat and some old ones that I can’t quite recall right now

What do I love about the series? What isn’t there to love? Sci-fi, excitement, puns, geeky goofiness, the hilarity of old-school props, and the dreamy doctor.

An Icon from the series: The TARDIS? A dalek? The Scarf? Oh it’s so a tie between the TARDIS, the Doctor and the Sonic Screwdriver 😎 Daleks and other creatures are awesome though.

Favourite Threat/Non-Threat: The Ood

Favourite villains: Daleks and the Master. I also like the Adipose, Daleks, Sutekh(I found him kinda scary as a kid, but now I kinda like him — I like Egyptology and when it mashes with the doctor it’s bound to be even more fun).  Cassandra cracks me up too!

UK DVD’s okay? sure

What memorabilia do you have?: One sonic screwdriver (11th doctor model), one big River Song journal, one awesome handmade TARDIS journal, 2 pairs of awesome handmade Dalek stitch markers, One TARDIS hide your money in it keychain, all episodes of the New Who and all Tom Bakers, and a couple of Doctor Who audiobooks narrated by David Tennant

Cutest villains: Adipose

Sexiest creature on (and beyond) earth: Besides the Doctor especially Ten, Captain Jack especially in Bad Wolf

What monster/villain/character would you not want to receive? The Master (any incarnation love him, but he gives me the heebie jeebies ), Cybermen (especially the new versions!), Weeping Angels (still have nightmares and can’t look at angel statues the same way anymore), Slitheen (they smell horrible!),The Empty Child (Makes me want to call for my mommy ;;shivers and hides;;), Autons (new or old they are creepy!), Zygons, The Empress of the Racnoss (spider-like alien, not my cuppa tea thankyouverymuch), Magnus Greel (one word: yuck – btw he is from serial 91 if anyone is interested, The fourth Doctor Tom Baker and Leela was his companion, but I really like Professor Litefoot) as well as Mr. Sin(he gave me more nightmares then Chucky!), and Meglos(needs no explanation there!). Those are the ones that come to mind the most!

What was your first Who experience? I can recall watching it religiously with one of my childhood friend’s mother when I was around 8. She was a huge DW fan 😀 I’m positive that I watched them before with my mom, when they played Tom Baker reruns and such, but this is my first fond memory of watching the Doctor. My friend and her brother would make fun of me, her older sister and mom for being transfixed to the television when it was on.

How do you feel about receiving used (vintage) books? Sadly I can’t read print books anymore due to craptastic vision, but I love used audiobooks and comics

If you could see a DW episode set in any historical period/event, what would you choose? One I would have chose have been done.  Ancient Greece (Pompeii), Shakespearean era, and Dickens era  Oh Modern Japan and Ancient Japan would be awesome!

Homemade treats – Yeah or nay? Yay, as long as they are allergen-free

And for the old vs. new preference? I actually just started watching the very first season of the Classic Who, but most of my love is for the new series, since I have watched every episode as they have been aired. There’s just something about waiting for the next new Doctor Who episode to air that makes me all giddy

What episode(s) scares you the most? Blink, The Empty Child, The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit and Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead

Which yarn weight would you prefer, lace weight, fingering weight or sport weight? What kind of item would you like to make with above mentioned yarn? Any specific pattern? Or just a special kind of item like a shawl, socks etc?** I’ve been on a shawl kick lately and have lots of shawl patterns. I’d say a cowl or fingerless mitts

Would you like spinnable fibre? Or handspun yarn?  Mawata or silk hankies would be awesome, I just took a class with the wonderful Yarn Harlot on knitting with mawata.  I will also be learning how to spin on my spindle soon too!  I prefer silks, soy silk and bamboo since it is easier to spin then cotton.  I love handspun non-animal (minus silk) yarns!

What about favourite fibres? Silks, bamboo, soy silk, cotton blends, silk blends, bamboo blends, linen blends and any other really soft non-animal fibre yarns

Which episodes make you cry? Doomsday, Girl in the Fireplace, Journey’s End, The End of Time and Vincent and the Doctor (one of my favourite episodes after Blink and Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead

What is your favourite Doctor Who related pattern or project someone has made on Ravelry?

Would anyone like to receive a Doctor Who fanmix?

If you could (realistically) get any Doctor Who memorabilia from your spoiler what would it be? A Doctor Who project bag would be awesome and/or Doctor Who stitchmarkers.  Or a Doctor Who graphic comic.  I also have been drooling over this, but sadly it’s still out of stock

Any fibre allergies? lol, oh boy do I any animal fibre (minus silk) in any percentage and milk yarn

Do you wear jewellery?yes

If so, what kind? (i.e. earrings, bracelets, necklaces) earrings and necklaces

Do you have any jewellery allergies? I can only wear stainless steel and sterling silver — get a reaction to everything else metal

What kinds of tasty treats/candies do you like? candied ginger, dried mango, jelly bellies, gummy bears, jelly babies, peppermints, and pretty much all tasty candies, dark chocolate, hazelnut dark chocolate, nut mixes (w/out any milk products), cookies!

Do you like chocolate? If so, white, milk, or dark? Dark chocolate (milk products free) only What about fillings/flavourings? mint, ginger, caramel (milk products free of course), and hazelnut

What type of bag would like? eg project bag or small book bag love project bags 🙂 knitted, crocheted or sewn. I’d prefer a Kindle DX cozy (I have my DX in this case, so I’d need to measure it). I also just got an iPad, so a cozy that would fit around these specs (9.3 x 0.6 x 12.4 inches) for the case I already have would be awesome since I’ve been tempted to make one already.

How is are your favourites/queued organized? Organized ;;snort;; it’s collective chaos and I try to “organize” it sometimes, but chaos usually wins! My favourites are for patterns that make me think ooooohhhh shiny, queued list is for patterns that make me say oooooooohhhh shiny I want to make this and my wish list are for patterns that make me squee ooooooohhhhh shiny and want, but don’t want to pay for them just right now. My wish list does change though since I also use it as a reminder of patterns I want to purchase. I am trying not to make any more purchases for a while though, so my wish list is currently safe.

Handwriting on items? Yes or No? sure as long as it’s legible

Are there any songs you’ve heard that you’ve been hit with the urge to post on youtube with a ‘shipper video?nope!

Would you like socks?  Yes, note that I’m allergic to animal fibers and latex so those are some obstacles

What size are your feet? US 6 1/2

Do you sew or are in need of a sewing kit type thing? I don’t sew, if I did I won’t have any fingers.  I love receiving sewn things though like aprons and project bags

Do you own any Dr.Who episodes? If so, which ones?All the Tom Bakers and New Seasons 1-5

Would you prefer one handmade item that takes quite a while to make, or would you prefer several handmade items that probably take the same amount or more time to make when the craft time is added up?  Spoilers choice

Do you own any DW soundtracks? Would you like to?  Sure I really like the music in Season 5 especially.

If you carry a container in your purse, what does that container contain? Pills, gum/mints, tea bags, phone, glasses? Yes quite a few.  I have one that has my meds (includes a duo inject epipen, inhaler, antihistamines, eye drops and pain meds.  I have a hard case for my glasses.  I have a cute ninja robot that holds my gum and some electronics and a few more other pouches I put in when I need them.  This helps me find things easier since my vision sucks!  Not to mention I have a buddycase that holds my knitting notions.

Would you want the scarf knowing it wasnt your only handmade and that it would be made of soft acrylic? if yes, would you want it altered at all? (length, width, minus a color…) I can handle soft acrylic if it’s a Doctor Who Scarf 🙂  I’m 5’2″ so it won’t be that bad to knit!  I love the season 12 scarf and the shorter duplicate

Colours the cybermen should delete: I love it if they could delete pastels and orange, but they are needed as long as I’m not forced to wear them they can survive.

What yarns do you have access to? Would it be difficult if your swap partner needed non-wool or non-acrylic? No problem considering I’m one of those people 🙂 I have a few awesome LYSs and the internets plus my stash 😉

Would you want some cute Doctor Who freebies included in your package (as an extra, not instead of proper items)? Seriously?  Bloody Hell yeah!

New Daleks or Classic Daleks? either

Do you prefer variegated or solid yarns? Semi-solid and solid.  I like variegated, but have lots of it.

Do you spin or dye your own?  Will be learning to spin on my spindle very soon.  No I do not dye

How do you feel about 2nd-hand books? Love them, but can’t read them.  I will juggle my magnifier and a graphic comic though 🙂

Do you own any Doctor Who novels or audio-books? Yep, narrated by 10 ;;swoon;;

If yes, which titles do you already have? The Feast of the Drowned, The Stone Rose and The Resurrection Casket.

Chocolate? White/milk/dark? Favourite combinations for flavours? Oh chocolate, nom nom nom.  Dark chocolate only.  With hazelnut, ginger, mint, dairy-free caramel, raspberry and covered over strawberries

When it comes to smelly things like lotion and candles, what is your preference and what scents do you love? I’m going to say please do not send smelly things, there are so many things that I must avoid with my allergies and sensitivities that it can be hard.  I am a lush ho@r, so if you must a gift card would work or some of the things I have mentioned in other posts in regards to lush products, because I’m to L to look em’ up

You’ve just been accepted as the Doctor’s next companion (congratulations!). As such, you get to pick the next destination. Where/when do you choose? Past? Future? Edge of space or just down the road?  This is a hard one, I’d say feudal japan or future japan are both it is the TARDIS 😀  Followed by a trip to Ancient Egypt during Akhenaten and Nefertiti’s reign and during the Ptolemaic Egypt era as well. Then after that a wonderful vacation planet in the future to soak up some more Vitamin D, heal from the sand burn and sip strange drinks beside a sea of unusual colour before more adventures.  I also do want to see Gallifrey in it’s glory.

So for your DW swag do you need something official or is all handmade by spoiler/etsy better? Either is awesome, but handmade is precious and appreciated.

What is one thing you really want to find in your box? I’m not sure, I like surprises

Head Circumference 22”

Wrist/hand measurements for gloves/mittens? wrist: 6 inches, palm circumference 7.5 inches, lower knuckle circ. 6.5 inches, upper knuckles 5.5 inches, from thumb to middle finger 4.5 inches (I have small hands!) and fingertip to wrist 6.5 inches.  I like fingerless gloves from thumb to top to be approx. 3.5 inches

Would you use/need a knitting needle or crochet hook holder/organizer? Nope, got a few

quick question – do you have a cellphone or ipod? Ipod touch and cellphone, but I don’t like to cover my cell.

Do you have anything you would like a cozy for? Measurements? (kindle, laptop, whatever) Ipod, Ipad and Kindle DX.  Provided measurements for DX with case via pm to mod, if you need more info ask

Do you like beads or have a use for them? I have a bead stash and I use them for knitting and I occasionally make stitch markers.  My daughter uses them for jewellery.

If you don’t currently dye your own yarns, why is that?  No interest perhaps? Never had time? Would you like to give dyeing a try? Some other reason preventing you from dyeing your own?Lack of vision, time and tools, but I don’t think I will be trying to dye anytime soon

If I saw something on your wishlist, and could make it pretty much the same (though not exactly) myself, would you still want it? Because, I could get you more if I could save the money this way.  Sure I don’t mind

What are your favourite quotes from the series? Would you be delighted if one of them showed up on one of the items in your box?  there are so many, I noted a few on the Ravelry thread and it would be awesome to see a quote show up in my box 🙂 Oh forgot one, Jelly Baby?

dr who colours or the colours that you like? Sure I love TARDIS bluc, 10’s pinstripe brown suit and blue tie and his cute trainers.  My favourite colours and these overlap 🙂

Would you like something kinda abstract subtle Who or all out there can’t-be-mistaken-for-anything-else Who? Either

Do you celebrate Christmas? Santa and Winter Solstice

Would you like any part of your package to deal with Doctor Who Spin-offs (Torchwood, Sarah Jane Adventures)? I love Torchwood and I’ve been meaning to watch Sarah Jane Adventures, just haven’t got around to it yet!

Nail Polish? no thank you

cook? Hells yes and bake too!

Gallifrey colors? undecided

Do you own any Dr. Who comics? No If so, which issues? Would you like some? Absolutely yes hurry up all ready Modern or Classic? both

Do you carry a purse? Purse, carryall, or backpack.  I am a bag ho@r and I got lots of them 🙂

Do you occasionally partake in beverages that might require, say, a can or bottle opener? Yes, but we already have a few bottle openers

Do your handmade items need to be baby safe? Child safe? Or adults only? Adults and one teenager only, so no need to worry about this.  My fur baby is very well behaved because the guide dog school trains them very well!

Do you get Doctor Who Magazine? Nope

What are your favorite beverages? Are you a cocoa fan like Mike Yates? A tea fan like the TARDIS? A beer fan like the Brigadier? A soda fan like Peri Brown? Coffee like Tegan Jovanka? Stuff not yet mentioned? I love tea.  I am a bit of a tea snob and only use loose tea now.  (please no rooibos though I hate it and it makes my allergies go crazy too!)  I love coffee, if you are sending some heavenly delight, no decaf and beans only please.

What kind of needles do you like to use? I have a set of Addi Lace Clicks and both sets of Knitpicks interchangables (Harmony and Nickel-Plated).  I occasionally use dpns for socks, but I mostly use fixed circs.  I hate straights and have no need for them.

Would you prefer a knitted/crochet wearable or a knitted/crochet toy? Wearable please.  I love knitted and crochet toys, but don’t really have room for them, plus they collect my biggest allergen dust.  I do like little creatures that live on keychains though 🙂

How do you feel about music boxes? I ❤ especially if it were to sing me the Doctor who Theme song or something along those lines!

How do you feel about recycled yarn? No thank they are killer on my allergies

Do you need measuring tape? nope If so, simple? nada Fancy? gotta few if I ever find them Retractable? got quite a few of these don’t need more for now

Ok, I can’t find anymore of the black converse type shoes budget-wise or otherwise. So, if I could find some plain white lowtop ‘gym’ shoes in your size, would you want me to paint something on them for you? And, if yes, what are your favorite DW icons that you would want on them. (i.e. I have the Daleks and Tardis and Angels on mine) Name at least 5 please K-9, TARDIS, Sonic Screwdriver, Adipose and Daleks

Do you have wishlists outside of Ravelry? yes Like Etsy Favorites, Amazon and such??? I locked up my Etsy for now sorry.  For my WEBS wishlist please ask mod for my last name to look it up thanks!  Amazon

Ok spoilee, I have a fab idea and I need to know as far as tea goes, could you please pick two of the following flavors (they can be for combing or separate, please clarify): Almond, Amaretto, Anise, Apple, Apricot, Banana, Blackberry, Blueberry, Caramel, Cinnamon, Chai, Cherry, Chestnut, Chocolate, Cider, Coconut, Cranberry, Ginger, Hazelnut, Honey, Irish Creme, Lemon, Mango, Maple, Mocha, Nutmeg, Orange, Passion Fruit, Peach, Pear, Pecan, Peppermint, Pina Colada, Pineapple, Plum, Pomegranate, Pumpkin, Raspberry, Rum, Spice, Strawberry, Vanilla, Wintergreen and Zabaglione
Yummy tea, Hazelnut and Chocolate, Peppermint and Chocolate, Raspberry and Chocolate, Mango and Ginger, Chai, Pumpkin and Spice, Peach and Ginger, Maple, Vanilla, Pumpkin and Nutmeg.

How do you feel about caramels? Love caramel, but have to be careful that it’s dairy-free

Knitpicks? Lurve Knitpicks!

If Matt Smith was in another drama would you like to see it in your box… I have seen and have the Sally Lockhart dramas.  I have to say that Matt Smith as Jim Taylor (first thing I saw Matt Smith in) saved the movies IMHO.  Billie Piper was a very bad pick for Sally Lockhart.  I love the books and was very disappointing with the dramas.  I haven’t seen him in anything else besides this and Doctor Who, so I’d say sure.

Hidey holes? Pockets and secret compartments? Awesome, love secrets compartments and hidey holes!

Would you prefer yarn in a hank to stay in the hank or be pre-wound? hank please, I have a ball winder and swift

Stationary? Seriously, love stationary!

Necklace length: Hate chokers and long necklaces.  The perfect necklace length is 16-18 inches



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