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Picking up the pieces

It’s a new year and even though January wasn’t the best start to 2011 that I hoped for I picking up the pieces and making something worth while and pretty. I’m slowly recovering from a nasty fight with labyrinthitis that had me house for all of january and a little bit of February. The vertigo still comes and goes, but it is no longer constant nor making me fall on my ass like a baby learning how to walk again. I am exercising again and doing exercises that help reset my vestibular system. Yay!

Another big thing for me is I am having a cataract removed from my function eye and getting two permanent lens — an artificial iris and corrective. I found out from my specialist lab tech that my surgery should be booked in the next couple months before my birthday even!

I have been knitting and finished a beautiful Haruni, my clapotis, and a few other things, but a lot of my knitting time has been frequenting the frog pond. I will post pics later, since I haven’t figured how to do so from my new iPad. I am loving my iPad, after seeing it in person at knit night I got one for myself. I can read comics again! Squee. This is not a paid advertisement nor am I affiliated with apple I am just a happy owner.

I am typing this while Faye is sleeping on my feet in our room at the Hotel Murano. You may wonder why I am here or why the name might sound familiar that’s because I mentioned it a while back when excited about going to Madrona for the first time! Classes start tomorrow and I am excited and nervous. It feels like first day at a new school jitters, lol. I will try to take lots of pics and post them. I will either blog as I go or once I get back. Not sure yet. Off to bed and I will be back very soon, seriously!


4 Responses

  1. I’m so sorry you’ve been having health problems! Vertigo is no fun at all. Enjoy Madrona and I’ll be sending good health vibes your way. : )

  2. Did you see Franklin Habit’s post about you? You’re famous now! 🙂


    • Thanks for the poke. I will be blogging about my wonderful experience at Madrona especially Franklin’s class very soon 🙂 He is absolutely wonderful and asked if he could take the picture and blog about Faye and I, so I knew there was a possibility of that blog post happening.

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