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Still alive and knitting!

Wow February was the last time I wrote a post, it’s been a long time.  There has been a lot of knitting that has happened and many time where I wanted to blog, but it always seemed to be put off till later.  Many months down the road, I guess it’s now later!  Not sure if anyone will be reading this anymore; however the whole reason why I started this blog wasn’t for the blog hits.

If I were to go over the FO parade of all that I have finished, it might take a while.  Ravelry has it all especially the projects that I still haven’t taken pictures of!  Instead I’ll share a few projects that are on my needles.

I cast this on yesterday and I’m happy to say that the yarn is from my stash as well as the beads!  This pattern is Sivia Harding’s latest pattern,  Confluence Shawlette .  I’m using Indigo Moon’s mulberry silk lace yarn in

Blue Diamond with a touch of teal and Toho 6/0 Silver-lined crystal from artbeads.com.  I’m finding this to be a relaxing knit, not too hard and not too complicated.

Scare Isle WIP

This is one of my favourite patterns from the Deep Fall issue of Knitty.  Scare Isleby Lorraine Condotta.  I love Halloween and anything related to Halloween.  I’m using Knitpicks Comfy fingering and my colours aren’t exact, but I still am loving the results.  I’m halfway through the snowflake chart and once I’m done that I’ll take some more pictures and post them here.

3 Responses

  1. Nice to see you blogging again! I deleted my Facebook account, so I don’t get to see your updates there any more. 🙂

  2. Welcome back! LOL I love the Indigo Moon… going to buy some at Circle Craft I swears. I want to go visit Felicia’s studio too… wanna come? hehehe

  3. Hey there! 😀 Love the Scare Isle. We’re big Halloween fans here, too.

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