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All I want for Giftmas

Happy Winter Solstice ( 0r insert seasonal holiday that you celebrate) everyone!  I’ve been very busy trying to get my giftmas knitting done. I really want a pair of house elves to clean and help me with the knitting.  I am going to give up on having the mini-sweaters and mini-sock ornaments  done in time.  Oh well I’ll be early for next year 😉  I was really silly and ordered yarn for mini-me Bella mitts last month, thinking I’ll get it early December and it will knit up fast since it’s chunky yarn.  Well guess what, I didn’t get it in the mail till yesterday.  There was some delay with one of the yarns I ordered and after the website showing it was in stock, I guess someone else snatched it up and I had to wait a really frickin’ long time! So Mini-me is going to get one mitt and the promise of the other all wrapped up for giftmas.  That is if I can manage to finish the first mitt!   I also had ordered these really cool beer soaps for His Tallest’s side of the family and they still haven’t shown up yet either.  *sigh*  That little etsy store got over-loaded so I can somewhat relate, but that really makes things a pain in the arse for me since I have to find someone else to replace this with at the very last minute.

I did get two last minute gifts done.  I realized I didn’t get anything for the girlfriends of my two brothers!  So Sunday, after knitting with the Yarn Wranglers I stopped off at Three Bags Full to purchase two hanks of Malabrigo Chunky (Indigo and Polar Morn).  Folks this is one of the only yarns (besides superwash) that doesn’t make me want to tear the skin off my hands.  I still get hay fever like symptoms and a sore throat, so I won’t be wearing any Malabrigo any time soon.  It is nice though to be able to knit with it though.  I make two Dolores Park Cowls (non-Rav link since Rave is currently down).  All the details are on Ravelry so I’ll post links to my project pages later.  Thank you mini-me for being a great model!


2 Responses

  1. Very pretty cowls!! I wonder if the shipping thing has anything to do with Canadian/American customs.

  2. Happy Winter Solstice to you, too! Love the cowls!

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