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Yay it’s socktober!!!

Happy Socktoberfest everyone! Being an sock knitting addict, I love socktoberfest and look forward to it every year. What is Socktoberfest It is a month-long celebration of sock knitting of course! It was started October 2005 by Lolly of Lollyknitting Around and you can find more info on her blog. Join us on Ravelry and help celebrate Socktober!

To celebrate the first day of Socktoberfest, I cast on for the mystery sock that Kristen of Knitting Through the Loops designed for Socktoberfest ’09. Kristen will be posting a new clue every Thursday and it’s a lacey pattern! The first clue is up on her site, so join in the fun. For more details on my project click here to check out my Rav project page

Clue 1 of TTL Mystery 09 sock almost complete

Clue 1 of TTL Mystery '09 sock almost complete

I’m sad to say my Milkweed Shawl is going to be frogged!  I ran out of yarn during the cast off and I would rather frog it all and re-knit it removing a few rows here and there instead of just ripping back a bit. Since I was really sad about my Milkweed Shawl I was in need of some instant knitting lace gratification so I cast on another shawlette called 198 yds. of Heaven with a hank of BMFA Luscious Silk in Korppi (Raven Clan Colourway).  What can I say I’m in heaven, Luscious Silk is just so….luscious!  I did add another repeat of the body since I am using a different weight yarn that also has more yardage.

198 yds. of Heaven WIP in BMFA Luscious Silk in Korppi

198 yds. of Heaven WIP in BMFA Luscious Silk in Korppi

If that didn’t make you smile, this will here’s a picture of Faye in her Halloween costume.  She is a monkey!

Faye the Black Lab Guide Dog off duty dressed up in a monkey costume

Faye the Black Lab Guide Dog off duty dressed up in a monkey costume


8 Responses

  1. Love the picture of Faye in her costume! She is a cute monkey!

    Socktoberfest! Oh wow! It’s October already.

    • Wow I know! I’m so happy you got Ardella back, being a guide dog just wasn’t in the cards for her, or most of her litter from what Anna has said.

  2. LOL Love Faye’s costume. 🙂

    The BMFA shawl is absolutely gorgeous!

  3. The fact that it is soctober almost made me want to knit socks. …. ALMOST. Although I have some amazing Mirasol Hatchi (I think) that would make purdy socks.

    GO FAYE!!!! I think Henry needs a costume.

    • Lol, we will have you knit socks at least once. I mean you did knit those gigantic felted slippers for you dad, socks are way less work! You could even knit a pair in worsted or dk weight and have nice thick house socks, to avoid those evil tiny needles.

      Did you figure out Henry’s costume yet? I like the pumpkin idea.

  4. Running out of yarn during the cast-off? Oh, that is tragic indeed! 😦 I am sorry you have to frog and reknit, but it sounds like you have a good plan in mind. The finished product will look fantastic, I’m sure!

  5. LOVE! Already ready for Halloween! She is truly an overachiever!

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