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Picking up the pieces

Philmore Point on Galiano Island, BC taken from a canoe trip

Philmore Point on Galiano Island, BC taken from a canoe trip

OMG WTF!!  I can’t believe it’s been a month since my last post.  Seriously I didn’t mean to go on hiatus from my blog for this long.  It’s been a very busy month for me.  I had tons of doctor’s appointments and tests, plus my home interview with GDB because Maylee is being retired due to her allergies. A dog allergic to pollen when you live in the suburbia of Vancouver, BC  is not good!  We have lots of trees on our property, plus we live near a very large park that I love walking through.  Sadly May is allergic to many of our coniferous trees (plus grass) and folks I live in an area of the world known for it’s rain and coniferous forests.  It’s beautiful in all it’s green splendour and I know that Maylee loves it, but I can’t go exploring like I used to.  We like to a few long weekends over at the cabin in the Gulf Islands (probably be there for Easter) and even though my guide dog loves every minute of it especially canoeing and vegging in front of the fireplace it makes her a very itchy dog.  I need a guide dog that will be able to handle all this greenery without having to take lots of anti-histamines, it’s bad enough that I have to take them!  Good news is I go back for training with Maylee’s successor in May.  I get to go down to Boring, OR to train for three weeks with my new guide dog.  It’s bittersweet because I’ll be saying goodbye to Maylee and meeting a new puppy breath who I will be working with for many years to come (cross fingers).

I’ve been doing a lot of knitting but not really any finishing.  I was binding off my Norwegian Woods scarf two nights ago and somehow dropped a few stitches and didn’t notice till I had casted off half of the stitches!  So not good.  😦  I wasn’t able to save it so I frogging it then right away started it again.  I have to say this is an awesome pattern Sivia is very talented she wrote a pattern that I don’t mind frogging a few times and still continue knitting it! The reason why this project is taking so long is a little while ago I had to rip back to my lifeline that was at the end of the repeats of Chart A due to the fact that I ran out of yarn!  I tried to add a repeat, but didn’t have enough yarn, doh!  I’d add the pictures I took, but my camera is hiding on me somewhere.  I’ll upload them here later when I get a chance to locate that rogue camera of mine.  I finished Ishbel and gifted it to a friend for a belated x-mas present/birthday present.  The yarn I used was SWTC Pure in the Blue Depths colourway (soysilk, squee!) and it was so yummy.  I love this pattern it is a fast knit and so pretty.  I made the small option for my friend’s and I’ve started one for myself in laceweight that I will knit the large shawl option.  I’ll post more details and pictures in the near future.  I’m also working on a few other projects and I think April is a good month to finish up some of the projects that have been on my needles for a while.  Sadly I’ve have a case of startitis, which I seem to suffer from quite a lot lately.  So I am in need of some motivation to finish a whole bunch of things like both Francis Revisited that I knit, one just needs some weaving of ends and the cowl back sewn onto the back of the sweater and mine needs the cowl knit then the same finishing as Mini-me’s.  I just haven’t found the will to do this yet.

I need to stop casting on more projects, but it’s so hard not to go ohh shiny, must.knit.this.now.  See here’s something that has caught my eye, any BSG fans reading or just fans of pretty cabled socks please drool over this lovely knitted socks of geekiness!  I know I shouldn’t be starting any more projects but I saw the first clue of Knit & Knag’s Mystic Roses Shawl KAL and signed up.  I know I’m starting a little late, but I really want to catch up to everyone.  Sign ups are still open, but the price is $8 CDN instead of $6 CDN if you had signed up before March 20.  It’s still a great price and looks like it will be another beauty from the talented Anna.  Come and join the fun!


4 Responses

  1. I’m working on the Ishbel shawl, too. 🙂 I haven’t even finished the first lace section, though.

    • I took a peek at yours on Ravelry it’s pretty! The fun part about knitting Ishbel for me at least is the stockinette. I like the mindless knitting to put you in a zen state then the lace to intrigue the brain. 😀

  2. Gorgeous photo of Galiano! So will Maylee be moving back to Colorado?

    • Far as I know, Maylee moving back to CO is a possibility. I’m letting the school handle all the details and try to de-stress before going off to train with a new puppy breath! I hope my next dog is as wiggly as May 😀

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