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Hot Cocoa Swap Questionnaire


The Yarn…

1. Do you knit, crochet, or do both?  Both, but I knit a lot more than crochet

2. What is your favorite one-skein project?  What item do you find you knit the most of? Socks are the answer to both!!  I am recently addicted to knitting slouchy hats, I’ve made two Poroms so far and plan to knit some more.

3. Do you like using a particular type of needle or hook? (wood,
metal, straight, circular) Is there something you’ve been wanting to
try, or a particular size you always seem to be short on? I own a set of Knitpicks Harmony interchangeable and the metal ones.  I’d like to get more metal needles for my interchangeables in sizes 4mm-5mm since those are the sizes I use the most.  I will always be happy to get more cables as well in any of the sizes!

4. What’s on your needles\hook right now? What’s your oldest UFO (unfinished object)? Let’s see I have a lace shawl for my ISE pal (Forest Canopy Shawl), a simple ribbed toque for His Tallest, pair of plain toe-up ribbed socks, a scarf, pirate Sheldon and Arrowhead Armwarmers.  My oldest UFO is my Cables and Os cardi that was started in August 2007.  I am determined to finish it this year!

5. What are your favorite types of yarns? Are you allergic to any
yarns, or just hate working with something? Anything type/brand of
yarn  you’ve been dying to try? I am allergic to all animal fibers (minus silk) in any percentage!   My favourite yarns are soft ones like Blue Sky Alpacas Cotton (organic or dyed), Panda Cotton, Handmaiden Sea Silk, Rowan Calmer and BMFA Luscious Silk.  I hate most acrylic yarns and novelty yarns.  I would like to try Caron Simply Soft, can’t seem to find that here and Panda Soy!

7. What are your favorite colors? Brights? Pastels? More muted
colors? Variegated? Are there that make you want to stab yourself in
the eye with your needles? I love dark jewel tones — blue, green, red (shades of cobalt, indigo, midnight, kelly, forest, moss, olive, jade, burgandy, venetian, sangria, and rust) I’m in love with black mixed with fushia (hot pink); it’s the only way I can deal with pink.   I strongly dislike pastels, yellows and oranges, they make me want to make stabby motions with my needles.  I would like to venture outside of my comfort colour zone this year, so with my favourites in mind feel free to experiment outside of them.

8. What is your favorite knit accessory, your fancy needles? stitch
markers? your yarn cutter?  What do you have TOO many of?  What do you
wish you had?  My favourite knit accessories are stitchmarkers, notions bags from spiltyarn, awesome KaratStix sock needle gauge (got from Whimzy Pinzy’s awesome cotton sock club) and project bags, love them all!  I have enough chibis (two with more darning needles then they come with), tape measures, needle gauges and stitch holders.

The Chocolate

1. Do you prefer boxed/packets, or something homemade? Any

2. Marshmallows or whipped cream? Marshmallows (allergic to lactose and the oil whipped “creme” is not as good)

3. Do you use any ‘add ins’ I like add a sprinkle of cinnamon or a cinnamon stick

4. Are you a year round cocoa drinker or just in the winter months? year around

5. Do you like flavored cocoas or are you just a ’straight chocolate’ kind of person? love both, addicted to hazelnut flavoured cocoa though!

6. Do you enjoy cocoa from restaurants or shops like Starbucks? What are some of your favorites? sure, favourites are Rocky Mountain Chocolates’ Whistler Blend Dark Hot Chocolate yummy!

7. You’ve just made the perfect cup of cocoa – is it in a thick mug, or a thinner cup? Where would you sit to drink it? Large thick mug.  I sit on my comfy chocolate brown leather sofa with my knitting or my e-book reader.

8. You’re enjoying that perfect cup, what treats will you enjoy with it? Are they sweet or salty? Crunchy? Soft and flaky? I love sweet , crunchy or salty and all together is divine.  I just ate too much of this lovely cashew brittle that I picked up with my cocoa at Rocky Mountain Chocolates.  I also love crystalized ginger and dark chocolate.

It’s all YOU!

1. Do you have other hobbies like spinning or scrapbooking? digital photography, occasional beading and making of stitchmarkers.  I am having fun with Modge Podge and got into decoupage it’s so much fun!

2. Do you collect anything? Besides yarn and stitchmarkers, I collect kawaii stationary (mostly letter sets and stickers) like Sanrio — Chococat, Badtz Muro, Pochacco and San-X — Monokuro Boo, Tarepanda.

3. What is your favorite part of Winter? Putting on the fireplace and watching the snow fall outside.  I also don’t mind being “snowed” in, lots of knitting and reading time!

4. What sort of scents do you enjoy? Any difference in what you like for your house versus what you like for your body? I love mint, mango, and grapefruit, green tea, almond, lavender*, vanilla*, jasmine*, coffee, hazelnut, eucalyptus, rosemary and a bit more. *if not overly strong.  I avoid all lemon scents because it might have lemon verbena or lemongrass in it.

5. Are you allergic to anything? yes lots here’s the link to the my allergy list

6. Are you on Ravelry? What’s your ID? nosheep4chelle

7. How would you spend an ideal winter afternoon/day?  In front of warm fireplace at the cabin on Galiano with a huge mug of hot cocoa (or tea or coffee, love them all) and my knitting

8. What’s your favorite animal? lol, I have a very strong preference to Black Labs (my guide dog is one) and monkeys gotta love monkeys!!  Anything really cute like jellyfish and such will be great too!


5 Responses

  1. Yay cocoa! I’m playing in this round too. I was bummed I missed it last year just due to moving from London to Manchester. Did you play the last round?

  2. Nice to get to know you:)Hugs Darcy

  3. Hello Chelle! Thanks for posting the questionnaire so quickly and for having such an in-depth allergy list.

    I noticed you’re lactose intolerant…. do you use soymilk or lactose-free milk for your cocoa? A lot of cocoas have small amounts of milk powder in them too (I checked my cupboard)… does that make your allergies flare up?

    Please email me back and we can have a chat hopefully. I can’t wait to get to know you better!

  4. What is your ravelry id? I would like to add you as a friend.Hugs Darcy

  5. […] Mitts? Elizabeth (ha ha, me!) 8.  Who’s favorite animal is a dog? Alicia, Becca, Channon, Chelle, Holly, Jenn, Mary Lynn, Michelle and Monica 9.  Who likes to paint? Kathy 10. Who has too many […]

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