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Freedom in Pawprints

So I’ve been busy and have been meaning to blog for a while; however good intensions never actually write the post all by themselves!  There is so much I was to blog about, but I’ll just have to remember to do so later because I only have time for go into one or two of those “I so need to blog about this” ideas.

I started my Guided by Love Socks.  I seriously thought I blogged about these awesome socks and the great cause, but I can’t seem to locate said (probably imaginary) post.  Seems like so many of my blog posts say in my head, with me thinking that I did write and post them.  Where do I start…well the socks have paw prints, they are made using Cat Bordhi’s Sidestream method, they have Braille in beads on the cuff, but the most important thing is almost all the monies made go to Seeing Eye!  Kristi, the designer of said awesome pattern, designed this sock inspired by the independence and love that a guide dog gives to their human partner as well as experience watching the bond between guide and handler that created by love, freedom and independence that the working team experiences when her mother got a guide from The Seeing Eye.  Being a guide dog user myself, I was almost brought to tears by the wonderful thoughtful of Kristi as well as the being able to show my guide dog team pride in the form of socks!  She is offering this pattern available for download for a limited time only (December 18th) and is available for purchase as a  PDF download on her site as well as Ravelry.

Well back to the socks, this is a rare occurrence for me since I am knitting the socks in the suggested sock yarn!  It is S.R. Kertzer Bamboo in Grey and so far I am loving the pattern.  I choose multi-coloured metallic beads for the Braille cuff and I’m thinking of using red beads for the heart.  Here are pictures of my progress so far.  Also the awesome Cat Bordhi style alphabet stitchmarkers are made by Hide and Sheep and I received them from the awesome Trish in a Ravelry Tea Swap, thanks Trish again they are awesome!

close up of toe of my Guided by Love sock with beads resting on the knitted toe

close up of toe of my Guided by Love sock with beads resting on the knitted toe

Macro shot of metallic beads

Macro shot of metallic beads

Progress so far on Guide by Love socks.  Toeup with five lace pawprints on the left side

Progress so far on Guide by Love socks. Toeup with five lace pawprints on the left side


3 Responses

  1. Those are gorgeous, Chelle! I think the beads will look beautiful against the grey.

  2. This is so cool! I love the idea of beads becoming braille, and the paw pattern is really cute.

  3. I love those socks! The beads will add a great touch!

    I hope your having a great December so far! I just realized I had unread emails in my anon. email account =( I sent an email your way =)

    Talk soon!
    Your S.P

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