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Busy knitting, only 26 more knitting days…27 if you include Christmas day and counting!!

So I managed to finish a few things this week. I’ll post the details in a few days, but it’s been a while since I’ve blogged so I thought I’d share what I have completed as well as my new WIP. I knitted a Porom hat out of Rowan Calmer for myself (my rav page link), blocking is a neckerchief using Evergreen shawl pattern for my grandmother for her birthday (my rav project link) and lastly I finished my NaKniSweMo sweater Rogue!!  Sadly I have misplaced (not lost I will find it, seriously) one of my favourite knit bags (a cool Schrodinger cube) with a plain sock WIP in it!  I am very worried it fell out of my bag when I was out, but I’m crossing my fingers that I misplaced it in my house.  Great way to get some of my house cleaned is to clean it, while hunting for this project that is M.I.A!

I casted on a super cute holiday present for DH’s cousin’s cute little kid, A.  I am knitting another Sheldon but with a pirate shell!  I purchased the Sheldon costume kit (costumes designed by Brooke Higgins) a while back with A and his little brother in mind.  A loves pirates and spend last Thanksgiving showing me his pirate toy stash and telling me why he likes pirates.  I had seen Brooke’s Sheldon mod, but I’m not crafty enough with knitting yet to make my own mod.  A few months ago, Knitpicks brought out this kit and I snatched one up without a pause.  Now there is also a kit of other costumes for Sheldon designed by Ruth Homrighaus (super cute!! my kit should be here soon) that was just released too!  Definately some more well dressed Sheldons are going to be made.  I’ve also been making a lot of washcloths, I can’t believe that I am only four balls away from using up all my Bernat’s Handcrafter’s cotton!  Must remember to pick some more up at Michael’s next time they are on sale.

Well I hope everyone who is knitting gifts this year are on schedule.  For those who are not, good for you and don’t forget to knit lots of stuff for yourself then.  Indulge and knit something luxurious or start a project you have been dying to knit up for yourself not matter if you are knitting for the holidays are not, you are worth it!


3 Responses

  1. Congrats on finishing your Rogue! You did in November with days to spare. Well done! I love the cabling on the hood.

  2. My handknitted gifts are so NOT on schedule. Well, they’re on schedule for NEXT year… 🙂

    Love that Porom on you! I’m looking to knit a slouchy hat/beret for myself, but I want to do something with cables rather than lace. Any suggestions?

  3. I saw three of those four items last night!!

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