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Awesome Mail Day – The Late Edition

I meant to post about my awesome mail day this week, but it keep getting pushed back. Since it’s fall, there has been a little retail therapy happening. I suffer from SAD and instead of getting the light box like I should (I am going to be purchasing one tomorrow if the one I want is in stock really!) retail therapy can help cheer away those dark deary days especially if it’s knitting related 😉 I couldn’t help myself when I saw the limited edition Pos on Ravelry so I got a crochet one for myself and a veggie bag since I’ve been wanting one for a while. It’s my Po just the cutest? Definitely a great way to help those fall/winter blues. I ordered these beautiful handmade journals from etsy seller kreativlink (sorry vegan/vegetarian please gaze over these journals) They are gorgeous handmade suede journals with recycled paper pages. I got one for me and a mini one for Mini-me. Good thing she doesn’t read my blog! Look the are wrapped in brown paper with awesome looking string (could it be yarn or roving?). Excellent customer service and fast shipping, these journals are a must for those who love to write or draw in something special. Next is a purchase from 100% Philistine made’s shop. I lurk follow her knitting/crafting blog and fell in love with her linen towel and super cute pouches.  The pouch has goodies in it too!  I love gnomes!  The green linen cloths are mine and the blue ones are to be given to someone as a holiday gift. I also got my copy of Interweave Knits Holiday Gifts 2008 (not as cool as last year though) and Nancy Bush’s Knitted Lace of Estonia drool And last but not least I received an awesome HSKS kit from Guinifer LeFleur, check out my Hogwarts blog to see the fantastic package she put together for me!! Thank you for spoiling me rotten Guinifer!


3 Responses

  1. That’s a great mail week! I especially like the journals…they are just gorgeous.

  2. GNOMES!! andthat key on your journal is very pretty

  3. That crochet po is adorable!!!!!

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