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* the cool trees are Arbutus trees

Better late then never, above are pictures from our Thanksgiving trip to the cabin on Galiano Island. The weather was nice enough that we were able to take out the canoe. This time the pictures are a little off because I was paddling with His Tallest instead of having some else with us like Mini-me. It was a beautiful canoe trip and it was nice to have some quality time just me and His Tallest even if Miss May did come with us. I tried to take another dog in the canoe picture, but it was hard since I was in sitting in the front with her tied up to the pole behind me. We all had fun, the turkey came out smoke, but yummy. The smoke effect was due to the old wood burning oven leaked a bit, it made one tasty turkey though!! We had a huge adventure coming back since we let someone else look at the ferry schedule and that person did not read the fine print that says holiday ferry schedule times do not take effect on a holiday Monday till 12 pm! So we got to Sturdies Bay just at 8:30 am thinking we had an hour till our ferry; however as I went to get tickets I found out our ferry was just leaving!! So instead of waiting till 4:30 pm to take the ferry back to the Lower Mainland we took the 11:30 to Victoria then another ferry (that was 20 minutes late!) to our final destination. We finally got to the terminal in Tsawassen approx. 4:30 pm. What a day, all I can say is thank the deities for knitting!! I made a dishcloth and started a sock, during our extra long ferry ride. I ended up knitting on the sock, which is in Panda Cotton (colourway: Mood Indigo) till it was a the heel then I took a bit of a nap and read some. I’ve been slowly finishing these socks and I have to say it’s nice to get my sock mojo back!!

one finished and another started

I also finally found the perfect project for the lovely beaded silk that my secret pal 10 pal Amy. I am knitting this yummy silk into Amy Singer’s new pattern in the Fall 2008 Knitty.  It’s called Abby and I love this pattern.  It is simple and easy to memorize, yet not that boring that you will want to kill yourself with your needles out of knitting boredom.  Sadly I think this yarn is a little to big due to the yarn being a little thicker as I start to knit more into the cake, but I have some left over Handmaiden Sea Silk that will be knitting into this pattern once I’m finished with the beaded silk.  It’s really hard to photograph this silk, but is a nice inky black that looks almost like a dark midnight blue, I love the colour and the beads. Oh speaking of lace, I won a random joy prize from SOL So awesome!! I got to pick out two of Pink Lemon Twist’s lace patterns!! After spending a whole lot of time trying to chose which ones I wanted, I picked Hanami and Moondance. Hanami because I love cherry blossoms, if it weren’t for my allergies I would take a trip to Japan for the Cherry Blossom Festival! Now I choice Moondance over some other beautiful patterns because I knew it would be lovely in one of my BMFA Silk Thread Raven series yarns. I’m thinking Thraven.

I know that I may have said this before and not followed through, but I want to start blogging more often again.  I’m sure it will happen especially since NaKniSweMo is coming up.  I think I’m going to change my mind and knit up Rogue since I finally bought a copy of the pattern, which I’ve been oogling for way too long now.  If I chicken out on Rogue, then I’m going to make my second Central Park Hoodie out of some yummy Tatamy Tweed.  What do you think I should knit for NaKniSweMo


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