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I’ve been away from this blog for so long.  I can’t believe it has almost been a month since I posted here!  It’s now October and little knitting has been done.  The reason why is a caught a lovely cold from Mini-me, which she brought back as a great souvenir for me from her trip to Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama.  This cold hit me so hard for a while I could not even knit.  Even HIs Tallest noticed that I was really grumpy due to lack of knitting.  I did manage to knit two dishcloths that is part of my holiday knitting, yes that’s right I started my holiday knitting!

Lets Have a Martini washcloth<a href=

Four Corners of Tea Leaves Knitted Dishcloth<a href=

I found both patterns fun and enjoyable and great presents for the upcoming holiday season. I also feel in love with Bunny Butt Apothecary‘s soaps and yummy whipped creams.  The whipped creams are great to keep your hands soft and moisturized while knitting with cotton yarns.  Another great find that is going to go with these cloths I’m make as gifts is another fantastic soap maker as well as other goodies is etsy shop  Martinsville Emporium I love the cranberry as well as chai soap!  The soaps smell divine and will be gifted with the dishcloths for extended family members and friends for Winter Solstice/X-mas.

Other updates on my knitting projects, the baby blanket of doom (aka the Moderne Baby Blanket) is slowly, very slowly being knit.  I need to step up the progress soon because I want it to be over and done with!  I still haven’t finished the bottom blocks, I need to throw on Firefly and watch that or a season or two of Doctor Who and just knit mindlessly till I get it done!  I haven’t touched my cables and os sweater in a while I really need to finish that cardi before NaKniSweMo starts in November!  Any of you going to be joining me for NaKniSweMo this year?  If so have you decided what you are going to knit yet?  It’s a great chance help motivate yourself into finally using up one of the those bags of yarn that you have put aside in your stash for a sweater and just haven’t gotten to it.

Speaking of stash, I am going to hold of purchasing any more yarn and yes sock yarn will be included till I load all my stash into Ravelry and total up my yardage!  Yes I need to be held accountable for my stash and before I can start de-stashing and shopping in my stash I need to figure out what I have and where.  I wonder how many pairs of socks I’ll will be able to knit with my sock stash?  I am determined to do this wish me luck because oh my has my stash grown in leaps and bounds!  Look what I had custom dyed for me that just got added to my sock yarn stash.  Isn’t it beautiful!  Whimzy Pinzy was so great and experimented till she came up with the final sheet.  The base yarn is Panda Cotton, yummy I want to see what it will look like as socks, but it’s so pretty as a feet sheet I’m having a hard time winding it up into balls!  I think it will stay in it’s knitted glory for a little while as knitted art then it will be socks!  I could go on, but I’ll end this post with yummy yarn pr0n.  Happy Knitting and yes I will be back very soon posting on a regular basis.

Starry Night (knitted feet sheet) created for me by Whimzy Pinzy

Starry Night (knitted feet sheet) created for me by Whimzy Pinzy


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  1. OMG Starry Night is GORGEOUS! How how how HOW did you get it to knit up like that? Is that a secret in the dying?!

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