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Yay another SP package and loads of knitting

Yay I got my second secret pal package!! Thanks KG it is fantastic. Sadly can’t eat the tasty goodies till I’m off this diet I’m on (no sugar (not even fruit, no yeast, no carb, no fermented foods etc…), hopefully by the end of the diet (another two months) I’ll lose some of my food sensitivities. The goodies are fantastic and they will be my treat of being sugar free for three months! There are candied ginger, dried mango. gummybears and lemongrass black tea that does not have any real lemongrass in it (Note I am allergic to lemongrass so can’t wait to try this! Sorry the picture is so blurry, but there is also an awesome tin, a re-usable red bag and pomegranate Burt’s Bees ( I really like this!!) Oh and the yarn, drool. My favourite sock yarn Panda Cotton in blueberries/grapes and Garnstudio Cotton Viscose (54% Egyptian cotton, 46% viscose), which is so silky and pettable with a beautiful sheen. Thanks so much love, love everything SP you are rock!

I love this diet I’m because it makes me really think about alternatives like grain alternatives quinoa, millet etc.. We can’t have carbs after the few weeks but almond flour and legume flours are okay, so I made these tasty and added ginger, liquid stevia (only sugar alternative that we can use), coconut oil (alternative for margarine/butter) and spices sooo tasty. The photo above was my lunch today, turkey and avocado spring green salad with pinenuts and lime. Very tasty! I spend all night last night making chicken and vegetable stock since all the bouillon cubes I’ve found has yeast in it! So even though we can’t have a lot of foods, I’ve having fun cooking and figuring out what we can eat.

As for knitting I have taken my cables and o’s cardigan out of hibernation but I don’t have any pictures. I am currently knitting a cool pair of plain socks I’ll blog about them later and a moderne baby blanket in Knitpicks Comfy for HIs Tallest’s cousin and wife who are expecting their first child  I also finished my 5th and 6th socks for SOS.  I really want to cast on for my second CPH, but I need to finish my Cable’s and O’s cardigan first.  I promise to update soon with pictures of my cardi and with details with my current sock project.  Happy Knitting and everyone enjoy the summer while it lasts!

Pink Limeade ‘Vog Ons rav link

SSSSoft Sssslytherin Socks rav link


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  1. Your projects look great and I’m salivating over the picture of that salad!

    I have a toe-up update and I just learned what you meant by making the heel and gusset-less sock. I’m still trying to get my head around short row toes. I may become a toe-up convert, but I’m not there yet!

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