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Always look on the bright side of life

So when you are reading this I’ll be long gone on our way to our cabin that means a ferry trip and canoe ride in. I’m so happy that His Tallest and Mini-me are hiking in and leaving Maylee and I at the marina then coming to get us and the packs via canoe. Yay I don’t have to walk it, good thing it’s a 30 hr or longer hike uphill and down on a logging road. The fun!

Yesterday we went to see Spamalot and that’s why we haven’t left yet we got good tickets (row D centerish)! I loved it, Eric Idle did such a fantastic job making the Holy Grail into a musical. There was enough of the old lines mixed with new and music to make it absolutely perfect. If you get a chance to see this musical, go get tickets now! My favourite by far is Sir Robin’s songs and Lancelot. lol loved it! I won’t spoil anything for anyone 🙂 Well below are pictures of my lastest work-in-progress, it’s my ssssoft slytherin sock and the yarn was from my HSKS pal. It’s super soft and will make nice house socks in house colours, lol. Sorry for the craptatic picture of the sock with the Spamalot set I took the pictures really fast at the end of the show and they were quickly tearing down the set because this was their last show in Vancouver and they open in Edmonton on Tuesday I believe. I need to remember to put the camera on the correct setting when I’m taking sock pictures! Anyway, off I go to catch our ferry to Galiano I can’t wait to get back to island time it’s so much easier to relax. I promise when I get back pictures especially Maylee pictures in the canoe, she loved it last year and it was slightly difficult making sure she didn’t jump out to retrieve stuff like driftwood and birds! Also when I get back I’m sure I’ll have some FOs to show as well. Happy Knitting everyone!

1. Sock in Progress at Spamalot, 2. Spamalot set with sock in progress, 3. Slytherin Socks, 4. It’s a Colourful Life Sweet — custom cotton/lycra yarn in Slytherin


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