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SP 12 question of the week

Sadly my battery is dead, but recharging; however I have to FO’s that I want to post! I didn’t want this to be a picture-less post I decided to share with you all one of my favourite pictures from our trip to Ottawa back in April. This is Little G (the recipient of Sheldon the Turtle) and Maylee checking each other out. He was one of the best people when it came to quickly learnt when to approach Maylee and when not to. The little ones seem to understand the simplicity of harness on means that the guide dog is working and I must not pet or distract it and harness off I can play with her. He even got to the point that he would hesitate when she was on leash but would look at me trying to ask can I pet her? He is such a great little guy and I hope when he comes with his mommy, daddy and baby brother that he’ll remember what he learnt.

Onto the reason for this post.

“What’s your favourite summertime beverage?”

Well I’m the kind of girl who changes drinks with her moods. Yep I’m a Gemini! Didn’t the amount of WIPs on the go tip you off? I love frozen strawberry margs and we make our own at home with fresh strawberries from a local farm, so I love this time of year. Another drink I love to drink in the summertime is a delicious pitcher of Mint Mojitos – lime/mint/rum with club soda and ice with some sugar for a little sweeting the perfect drink to sit in the sun and relax with. (recipe from the foodtv.ca scroll down for the mojito one). For non-alcohol summertime drinks it’s all about the iced tea and not that powdered stuff, I’m talking the real thing! I love going to California (we take trips there ever few years to visit relatives) because when I order an iced tea it’s actual chilled tea with ice. Here I ask for iced tea and I get the powdered concoction that pretends to be iced tea. I like to make different kinds, but my favourites are mint, pear green tea (from Steeps) and vanilla bean (from T).

So thanks everyone for the warm blogiversary and early birthday wishes. Sadly there hasn’t been anyone wanting to own the wonderful felted crochet book! It’s a fantastic book(Felted Crochet by Jane Davis rav link) and the only reason why I’m parting with it is because I’m allergic to wool 😦 These are the list of my favourite patterns beautiful leaf-embroidered tassel bag, Quick and easy shape-to-fit slippers (wonderful fuzzy cozy-looking slippers), felted flowers, tabletop tool caddy, grape, pumpkin or flower pincushion, cutest white lamb, and snuggly teddy bear. There are many other nice patterns in here, just forgive the two patterns with fun fir, unless you like novelty yarn that looks like a dead muppet (but hey that’s only my opinion, I won’t hold you against yours if you don’t hold me against mine!) I bought this book before I came to terms with the fact that I’m allergic to all animal fibers (minus silk)

Well I’m off to go start making my birthday cake. Don’t be sad for me I making myself a vegan chocolate mocha cheesecake!! Loosely based on this recipe here. Wish me luck, I really hoping it turns out. We are going to pick up some fresh strawberries tomorrow to put on top from the local farm we like to purchase produce at. Then it’s a tasty sushi dinner with HIs Tallest and mini-me, yummy I can’t wait.

I almost forgot Saturday June 14th is WWKIP day! I’m going to ride the skytrain with some of the knitters in the Terminal City Knitters Group! I’m so excited it will be so much fun.


2 Responses

  1. Hope you are having a wonderful birthday! 🙂

  2. Oh, oh! I do! Count me in for the Felted Crochet book!! I spin my own yarn and crochet like crazy, so I would like to be entered!

    I saw you entry on Ravelry (my id is alvb) and wanted to join in the fun. Congrats on your birthday and blogversary! Many happy returns!

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