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Stitch markers aren’t just pretty knitting jewelry

Tuscany lace shawl progress so farI’ve been working on Tuscany that will be gifted to my Great Grandmother for her birthday in July. It’s going well and I’m about half-way done. While working on this project I realized that stitch markers are one of the notions that you never can have too many of. For example, I’m six repeats into the lace chart and so far I’ve used 14 stitch markers. I have 5 more repeats of the lace chart to complete and that adds another 10 stitch markers for a grand total of 24 stitch markers! Now you see what I mean about never having enough stitch markers? This is just on of my WIPS. I’m also have a clapotis in hibernation till I finish Tuscany and that takes a lot of stitch markers too!

Here’s a close up on some of the markers I am currently using for Tuscany.

The two markers on the outside are cute dog pewter charm stitch markers with Swarovski crystals made by Knitwit Momma. I love her markers and she has a lot of different themes to choose from. The sun marker I received in my HSKS 3 package from Neila along with the cutest Ravenclaw stitch markers with yarn and needle charms (not shown here).

stitch marker container (cute pill box) and black lab markers from etsy's weeonesSee before I started adding to my stitch marker collection I tried using other things like mini-hair elastics, paper clips and such. They didn’t work for me as well as I hoped. Mainly the problem I had was the elastics sticking to my needles and the paper clips catching and snagging on my knitting. After a lot of frustration and frogging I started to seek out cute accessories for my knitting to mark my place instead of these failed experiments. I found lately my favourite place to purchase markers is Etsy. These little black lab markers were purchased at weeone’s etsy store. She makes the cutest animals and such out of polymer clay. Check out her etsy store

Here’s a little list of my favourite stores to get stitch markers on etsy

  • zero -She makes elegant markers out of freshwater pearls and semi precious gems. Beautiful markers and great prices!
  • weeones (mentioned above)
  • crimson orchidI just found this mother/daughter owned store and ordered a few of their markers and row counters to try out. They make all types of markers including removable markers (great for crochet projects), droplets (I think they will be nice for lace knitting) and alphabet ones for those knitting Kat Borhi’s New Pathways socks.
  • Kishcrafts I haven’t ordered from her yet but I’ve been drooling over her cupcakes and sweet treats. Also for those who don’t like treats there are these cute veggies! Super cute food markers made out of polymer clay
  • Scarymerry After checking out her store on a regular basis for a while I finally made an order for a few of her polymer clay creations. I finally couldn’t resist owning a set of sushi stitch markers! Scarymerry makes a wide selection of fabulous markers that it’s hard to choose which ones to order. She makes the inner geek and child in me squee with excitement, from Mr. Potatohead, Pacman, chocolate, sushi and so much more that even if you aren’t going to buy stitchmarkers you should drop by her etsy store just to see all that she carries it’s so entertaining (not to mention hard to resist snatching everything into your shopping cart!)
  • Sunneshine She has some great Harry Potter pewter charm, crystal and bead markers in house colours that I love. If you aren’t into HP there are still lots of markers to choose from like these Maneki Nekos, frogs, yarn balls, knitted scarves and so much more! Fast shipping and gorgeous markers.

So now you know some of my favourite etsy shops to purchase stitch markers, do you have any that I didn’t list. Come on help me out by posting yours in the comments and be a good little enabler I know you want too!


8 Responses

  1. I like the box you use for your stitch markers! Mine are scattered among several different containers, which means I can never find them right when I need them (of course!). I should get a little box like yours.

  2. Yum… what is that yarn? It makes me think of watermelon!

  3. It’s gorgeous!

    Happy blogoversary!

  4. Those are all so pretty. Thanks for mentioning which had crochet appropriate markers, too.

  5. And I’m a fool to forget the first thing that struck me, which is how gorgeous the shawl is!

  6. Hee hee. I like MY Etsy shop!


    Love those little doggies, tho.

    Happy Blogiversary!!

  7. I’ll be an enabler! I have some stitch markers in my shop! http://www.robynsnest.ca


    Happy knitting!

  8. Wow! Thanks for showing my markers. I am strictly a wholesaler…… but my website will direct people to yarn shops that carry me 🙂

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