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It’s too hot to knit….well almost! Plus the contest winners :-D

Wow is it hot out. I’ve been knitting on my Kaylee socks but not getting too far because my hands are sweating so much that it’s hard to knit! I think after I finish writing this post I’m going to take my knitting outside because I think there is now a bit of a breeze.

Kaylee sock, my cybook and my white cane sitting on the table at StarbucksMaylee had her rush protocol immunotherapy (where they give her her allergy shot every half hour for a total of 7 hours to get her to the maintenance dose) on Thursday and it went fantastically well! So her next shot is on the 3rd then two weeks after that and then every month. Gee I wish that they had this option for humans, I’m still at every week, however I am on the last bottle and very close to my maintenance dose. It was very strange to be without my guide dog and using my white cane again. I did some knitting in a local coffeeshop J.J. Bean on Commercial Drive then headed to Starbucks to meet Mini-me to give her some money to go to a movie with friends. While at both coffeeshops, I worked on my Kaylee sock and got to the beginning of the heel. Knitting helped a lot to make those hours go a wee bit faster waiting till I got an update from the vet tech on how Miss May was doing.

So I have managed to finished two pairs of socks for SOS 2008 so far. Both following Fleegle’s Toe-up Sock Pattern. (rav link and non-rav link)

Well I’m sure you all have been waiting for this day and post not because of the wonderful socks I managed to knit and complete in one week but today being the day I post the winners of my blogiversary contest! I put all the entries for each prize in a spreadsheet and through the amount of entries in the random number gen and viola we have winners.

  • Modern Classics by Louisa Harding is Edina
  • Felted Crochet by Jane Davis is Stitchmeup (rav link)
  • Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles by Cat Bordh is Emily Wow this book is going all the way to France!!!
  • and Knitscene Spring 2007 ( have an extra copy) is Julia
  • Baby Bobbi Bear Kit is Laurie in Maine

Congrats to all the winners and I’ll be emailing you all sometime this week to get your address to ship you your winnings! Unless you do me a favour it beat me to it 😉


Socks Away!

Socks of Summer 2008 started on June 21 and I casted on two toe up socks. One is Momma Monkey’s Kaylee pattern I wanted to this pattern to be my first completed pair of toe up socks in memory of the wonderful Momma Monkey aka Gigi Silva who lost her battle with Lupus early this year. She is well known for starting Socktopia and her fantastic sock designs. I had the pleasure of ordered one of her sock bags last year after seeing the link on the Socktopia site. I love the bag, I haven’t found another sock bag that I love more. I wanted to order more earlier this year only to find that her etsy store had disappeared. Sadly very shortly after her passing was publicly announced. It’s always so sad when someone so young, talented and vibrant is taken so soon.

I choose my Whimsy Pimsy Summer Cotton Sock Club Panda Cotton in the Black Light series (June colourway). Even though you can’t see the pattern clearly because it is a self-striping yarn I couldn’t bear to frog it. When I first got the yarn in the mail the first thing I said after jumping up and down was ooohhhh shiny! This hank was destined to become secret brown coat socks. This sock qualitfies for both Socks of Summer’08 and Seasons of Lace 2008!
Kaylee socks WIP
Kaylee sock after knitting some more on it at Monday's Knitting Meetup

The other toe-up sock I am currently knitting is from my May summer cotton sock club yarn, another Panda Cotton hand-painted dyed by Whimsy Pimsy called Garden Herbs. I’m using Fleegle’s toe-up no-flap, no hassle sock pattern I love this pattern, it is so KISS (keep it simple stupid!).
plain toe up sock WIP

SP Question of the Week #2

Just quickly popping in to answer this and will put a normal post soon. Before I get to the question, Robyn the hostess with the mostess (my previous and super fab SP hostess) and owner of Robyn’s Nest welcomed another cutie into her family on the 17th, happy belated birthday Mack and congrats Robyn and family!!!

In many parts of the US and abroad, school’s out. Take a walk down memory lane for Week Two’s question:
As a kid, what did you look forward to most about summer vacation/break/holiday?

There was a lot I looked forward to when summer vacation was coming up as a kid. Mainly, reading all the books I wanted to, when I wanted to, spending all day at the pool and camping with my family. As I got older the camping trips lessened, which I truly was not happy about, but we’d try to make it to Alice Lake Harrison Hot Springs or Manning Park for some day trip or short long weekend camping trip at least once a year. There are many places in BC that we’d camp at and they are all beautiful. I’m hoping once my allergy shots start working and the same with Miss Maylee’s (poor girl!) that we will be able to go camping like I used to do when I was young. For now we have my in-laws cabin on Galiano Island to go and veg. Here’s some pictures of our trip at the end of last summer.

on Pilmore Point overlooking Julia Island

Mini-me reading on the couch in the cabin, things don't change much!

WWKIP Day and more

my birthday cakeSo after trying to figure out what the heck I’m going to name this post the above is all I could come up with! I want to begin with a picture of the non-lactose (ended up not being vegan because there was honey in the crust) chocolate mocha cheezecake I made for my birthday. The drink that is accompanying it is what I call Malibu Mango (it’s 1 part Malibu rum and 2 parts Mango puree shaken with ice) tasty but not as delicious as the cake. OMG it is sooo yummy and a huge hit in my house. I reminded me of a chocolate mousse cheesecake(from the Chocolate Lover’s cookbook I think I made it when I was 13) I made many, many years ago, but lactose free! I spent a nice Friday the 13th b-day with my family eating a tasty dinner and this delicious cake. I like having quiet dinners with my family instead of partying hard all night. I did a lot of partying when I was younger and it seems that I don’t feel the need to throw back lots of alcohol, dance all night and get so embarrassing wasted anymore. It’s good in a way because I don’t have to deal with the nasty hangover the next day. I did enjoy a few of those Mango drinks though, yum!

Yesterday was WWKIP day. I had a blast meeting some of the ladies from Raverly’s Terminal City Yarn Wranglers and we picked up a lovely gentleman (who also shares the same birthday as me! I so sorry I forgot your name!) at Vancouver’s Waterfront Station. He heard about WWKIP day on the CBC and decided to take his beautiful hand towel to knit out in public, so we invited him along. Well Caliope, our hostess of the Skytrain WWKIP group did the inviting and we did the urging her to! Thanks ladies and gentleman (there was six of us in total and one guide dog, my May :-)) it was a blast even if our plans were somewhat ruined by a medical emergency at Metrotown Station that backed up trains, cut off service to downtown Vancouver on the Expo line and killed out 2 pm run! These pictures where taken by Caliope (used with permission and edited by me in Picasa) so she is not in them. I had my camera with me, but didn’t actually take it out oops.

I appreciate all the people who have signed up for my blogiversary/birthday contest I’ve had lots of entries and I apologize if you haven’t gotten a personal reply from me I tried to do so for everyone at first but I found it overwhelming and too much time for me. So thank you everyone who has entered and even if I don’t get back to you if you told me in the comments what you wanted to be entered to win consider yourself entered. Good luck everyone and the winners will be announced at the end of June or slightly later.

Lastly I leave you with a picture of my lasted FO, it’s been a long time coming it’s my Grass Monkeys (Rav link) I’ll post details when I get a chance in the next post!

SP 12 question of the week

Sadly my battery is dead, but recharging; however I have to FO’s that I want to post! I didn’t want this to be a picture-less post I decided to share with you all one of my favourite pictures from our trip to Ottawa back in April. This is Little G (the recipient of Sheldon the Turtle) and Maylee checking each other out. He was one of the best people when it came to quickly learnt when to approach Maylee and when not to. The little ones seem to understand the simplicity of harness on means that the guide dog is working and I must not pet or distract it and harness off I can play with her. He even got to the point that he would hesitate when she was on leash but would look at me trying to ask can I pet her? He is such a great little guy and I hope when he comes with his mommy, daddy and baby brother that he’ll remember what he learnt.

Onto the reason for this post.

“What’s your favourite summertime beverage?”

Well I’m the kind of girl who changes drinks with her moods. Yep I’m a Gemini! Didn’t the amount of WIPs on the go tip you off? I love frozen strawberry margs and we make our own at home with fresh strawberries from a local farm, so I love this time of year. Another drink I love to drink in the summertime is a delicious pitcher of Mint Mojitos – lime/mint/rum with club soda and ice with some sugar for a little sweeting the perfect drink to sit in the sun and relax with. (recipe from the foodtv.ca scroll down for the mojito one). For non-alcohol summertime drinks it’s all about the iced tea and not that powdered stuff, I’m talking the real thing! I love going to California (we take trips there ever few years to visit relatives) because when I order an iced tea it’s actual chilled tea with ice. Here I ask for iced tea and I get the powdered concoction that pretends to be iced tea. I like to make different kinds, but my favourites are mint, pear green tea (from Steeps) and vanilla bean (from T).

So thanks everyone for the warm blogiversary and early birthday wishes. Sadly there hasn’t been anyone wanting to own the wonderful felted crochet book! It’s a fantastic book(Felted Crochet by Jane Davis rav link) and the only reason why I’m parting with it is because I’m allergic to wool 😦 These are the list of my favourite patterns beautiful leaf-embroidered tassel bag, Quick and easy shape-to-fit slippers (wonderful fuzzy cozy-looking slippers), felted flowers, tabletop tool caddy, grape, pumpkin or flower pincushion, cutest white lamb, and snuggly teddy bear. There are many other nice patterns in here, just forgive the two patterns with fun fir, unless you like novelty yarn that looks like a dead muppet (but hey that’s only my opinion, I won’t hold you against yours if you don’t hold me against mine!) I bought this book before I came to terms with the fact that I’m allergic to all animal fibers (minus silk)

Well I’m off to go start making my birthday cake. Don’t be sad for me I making myself a vegan chocolate mocha cheesecake!! Loosely based on this recipe here. Wish me luck, I really hoping it turns out. We are going to pick up some fresh strawberries tomorrow to put on top from the local farm we like to purchase produce at. Then it’s a tasty sushi dinner with HIs Tallest and mini-me, yummy I can’t wait.

I almost forgot Saturday June 14th is WWKIP day! I’m going to ride the skytrain with some of the knitters in the Terminal City Knitters Group! I’m so excited it will be so much fun.

My 2 year blogiversary and a contest!

So I’ve been craft blogging for two years now (thanks for the comment and reminder Teena from Toronto)! I can’t believe it’s been that long since I decided to stop torturing my LJ friends with many crochet posts. Then I learnt how to knit last year and haven’t stopped since. It’s like when I found how much I loved reading in Grade 3 after a few years of struggling to learning and ate up every book i could get my hands on and still am!

It’s been a good mail week. I got my long awaiting book The Eclectic Sole and some bags from stuckin illinois’s etsy store. I love her bags and her store is temporarily closed, but you can purchase her bags elsewhere info in her profile on etsy. I also got my order from ScaryMerry inside the lay see (lucky red envelope) are the cutest fortune cookie markers. I tried to take a picture of them but couldn’t get a good enough shot of the markers to do them justice.
picture of The Eclectic Sole and sock bags made by stuckinillinois

Since my 30th birthday is on Friday I thought I’d post the Birthday/Blogoversary Contest. So Marsha of First Things First, gave gifted mathoms on her birthday to her readers and I love the idea of giving gifts on your special day. Tolkien’s hobbits gave friends and family gifts(mathoms)on their birthday. Now these gifts that I will be offering in the contest are some books I’m going to destash and hope that they can be found a good home and a very cool kit. Here’s are some pictures

So the books are

  • Modern Classics by Louisa Harding
  • Felted Crochet by Jane Davis
  • Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles by Cat Bordhi
  • and Knitscene Spring 2007 ( have an extra copy)

As for the kit it’s the Baby Bobbi Bear kit. It comes with two hanks of Blue Sky Alpaca’s Organic Cotton in Nut and the Baby Bobbi Bear pattern. So leave a comment here and let me know what books you are interested in and I’ll put your name in the draw. You can get your name in the draw more times if someone comments that you told them about the contest. I’ll add names till the end of June then I’ll draw a name for each book and the kit. Good luck! Edited June 14 3:50pm PST Thanks Michelle (blogless from South Africa) for bring up the whole shipping issue to foreign countries and costs. I forgot all about mentioning this, sorry everyone. For the time stated of this edit the contest will only be for those in North America. I apologize for not mentioning this earlier and I will honour anyone who put their name in to the cut off person who is Bean. PS don’t forget to tell me if someone told you about my contest (unless it was my Raverly post on the CLF group) share the love and they get their name in again for referring you! Happy Knitting everyone and Good Luck!

PS remember blogspot bloggers wordpress doesn’t show your info like blogspot does when you are logged in, so don’t forget to enter in your blog if you want it to be shown. Also if someone’s post sent you here and you enter be kind and let me know that that person referred you because they get entered again! I noticed some clicks from such posts but no comments telling me about referrals, remember play fair!

Stitch markers aren’t just pretty knitting jewelry

Tuscany lace shawl progress so farI’ve been working on Tuscany that will be gifted to my Great Grandmother for her birthday in July. It’s going well and I’m about half-way done. While working on this project I realized that stitch markers are one of the notions that you never can have too many of. For example, I’m six repeats into the lace chart and so far I’ve used 14 stitch markers. I have 5 more repeats of the lace chart to complete and that adds another 10 stitch markers for a grand total of 24 stitch markers! Now you see what I mean about never having enough stitch markers? This is just on of my WIPS. I’m also have a clapotis in hibernation till I finish Tuscany and that takes a lot of stitch markers too!

Here’s a close up on some of the markers I am currently using for Tuscany.

The two markers on the outside are cute dog pewter charm stitch markers with Swarovski crystals made by Knitwit Momma. I love her markers and she has a lot of different themes to choose from. The sun marker I received in my HSKS 3 package from Neila along with the cutest Ravenclaw stitch markers with yarn and needle charms (not shown here).

stitch marker container (cute pill box) and black lab markers from etsy's weeonesSee before I started adding to my stitch marker collection I tried using other things like mini-hair elastics, paper clips and such. They didn’t work for me as well as I hoped. Mainly the problem I had was the elastics sticking to my needles and the paper clips catching and snagging on my knitting. After a lot of frustration and frogging I started to seek out cute accessories for my knitting to mark my place instead of these failed experiments. I found lately my favourite place to purchase markers is Etsy. These little black lab markers were purchased at weeone’s etsy store. She makes the cutest animals and such out of polymer clay. Check out her etsy store

Here’s a little list of my favourite stores to get stitch markers on etsy

  • zero -She makes elegant markers out of freshwater pearls and semi precious gems. Beautiful markers and great prices!
  • weeones (mentioned above)
  • crimson orchidI just found this mother/daughter owned store and ordered a few of their markers and row counters to try out. They make all types of markers including removable markers (great for crochet projects), droplets (I think they will be nice for lace knitting) and alphabet ones for those knitting Kat Borhi’s New Pathways socks.
  • Kishcrafts I haven’t ordered from her yet but I’ve been drooling over her cupcakes and sweet treats. Also for those who don’t like treats there are these cute veggies! Super cute food markers made out of polymer clay
  • Scarymerry After checking out her store on a regular basis for a while I finally made an order for a few of her polymer clay creations. I finally couldn’t resist owning a set of sushi stitch markers! Scarymerry makes a wide selection of fabulous markers that it’s hard to choose which ones to order. She makes the inner geek and child in me squee with excitement, from Mr. Potatohead, Pacman, chocolate, sushi and so much more that even if you aren’t going to buy stitchmarkers you should drop by her etsy store just to see all that she carries it’s so entertaining (not to mention hard to resist snatching everything into your shopping cart!)
  • Sunneshine She has some great Harry Potter pewter charm, crystal and bead markers in house colours that I love. If you aren’t into HP there are still lots of markers to choose from like these Maneki Nekos, frogs, yarn balls, knitted scarves and so much more! Fast shipping and gorgeous markers.

So now you know some of my favourite etsy shops to purchase stitch markers, do you have any that I didn’t list. Come on help me out by posting yours in the comments and be a good little enabler I know you want too!