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ISE 6 package arrived today!

So I got my ISE 6 package in the mail today and to my surprise it was from Martha G.! I met Martha last October in the Knitters’ Coffee Swap Three we were paired up as pals. Since then we have become what I’d like to think as online friends by communicating via our blogs, email, and Ravelry. She was able to keep up our online communication as herself by pretending that she was a quiet secret pal and let me know this when she first contacted me as my ISE 6 pal. All this so I won’t clue in that she was my ISE 6 pal. She is a crafty woman in more ways than one. I have a tendency to find out via clues and little mistakes that most secret pal’s leave as a trail because I love to research and solve mysteries! It is very rare that I don’t know who my “secret” pal in a swap is before I get the package, even though I never let them know that I know whom they are.

I was secretly hoping to get her to spoil, but it didn’t happen. I like my downstream pal and she should be getting her package soon. Also I’ve been following Martha’s scarf knitting progress through her blog as well as her thumb injury! I was so surprised and excited when a box from Martha was delivered by my mailman this morning!

I love everything thanks Martha, you alway put in so much thought into getting yarns I’m not allergic to and things that are unique that I love! So She sent me a lovely scarf it’s the Midwest Moonlight The Gypsy Rose scarf in Seasilk Renaissance knit. She had started another one that I was ogling over; however due to the thumb injury she needed a pattern with “less thumb arobatics”. Don’t worry I love this one too! I’ve been drooling over the Renaissance colourway at one of my LYS’s for a while now. The karma/good luck theme in the package was a lovely dream box which I will use and a pretty dragonfly wind chime. You are suppose to write down your fondest dream (also says greatest desire and strongest wish) on a piece of paper and put it into the box. It is beside your bed and every evening before you sleep and every morning before you wake you mediate upon what you put in the dreambox with it in your hand coming true. As the Legend goes if you follow the directions faithfully then that dream will become reality. I really like this and thank you! Also in the box was a few books that she thought I might like, tasty Sister’s coffee (I’ve already enjoyed a large cup today!), knitted bookmark, cute knitting related button, and yarn. Oh the yarn how beautiful they are! Art Fibers Regal Silk in a colourway I’ve been drooling over called Stormy Blues, Farmhouse Yarns’ Bonnie’s Bamboo in Indigo and a lovely Linen Tweed in green/white. Thanks so much Martha for spoiling me rotten again! I’m not sure if you can see it but Maylee (she’s the black thing to the left!)decided that she wanted to get into the picture of me wearing the scarf too!


Monkey Sock Swap Package!!

I got my swap package from Margie early this week and I’ve been hunting for my cord for my camera ever since them. Well I found my cord so here is the public thank you and pictures!

Margie knit the my monkey socks out of Schoeller + Stahl Sockina Cotton in 005. I love them, I did lose weight so they are just a wee bit big on me *sniff*; however I’m going to try to shrink them in the wash!  She also send 4 balls of Cascade Fixation, some tasty tea and coffee, wonderful smelling lavender hand lotion, Burt Bee’s lip balm, Cookie A’s Gothic Spiral (oops I have that one but it’s no big deal copies are good!) and the cutest Monkey ever named Mr. Monkey.  Thanks so much Margie for the great monkey package and for making this swap so much fun.  BTW she was also my downstream pal!