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It’s been so long…

So I’ve been thinking about posting, talking about posting, yet I haven’t posted at all! Not sure why, I have lots to post about. Now there is so much catching up to do I don’t know really where to start.

I finished the plain Panda Cotton socks in Seascape. I also managed to finish the other toe without having to resort to using a little black yarn like the first sock. It’s too much of a pain for me to rip back on the first sock and hope the tiny amount of leftovers from the second sock would be enough. So I left it as is. I don’t wear socks with sandals unless you include crocs.

plain socks in panda cotton seascape

I knit a mini-sock for my monkey swap pal Margie and she has gotten her package plus she was my pal and sent me these pretty monkeys and super goodies I’d show you, but I can’t find my camera cord at the moment. I blame it on His Tallest because he left for a business trip this morning.

Mini-sock a s WIP
Mini-sock on mini sock blocker Completed

Hogwarts Sock Kit Swap 5 has begun and I’m designing my first pattern that is not crochet. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it afterwards. It is a HP themed bag, so I might offer it up for free on Rav if it goes well. I’ve been blogging as a Hogwarts student and if you missed this swap try again the next term it is super fun and I haven’t been a swap quite like it. If you do check out my Hogwarts blog you’ll see a picture of my new haircut. My downstream pal is a sweet little Gryffindor and my upstream pal Minerva Dumbledore (aka Barb) was my upstream pal for Sockapalooza 4.

I have tons of yarn porn but I’ll save that. Let’s just say I don’t have socks that rock but it’s still yummy BMFA yarn! Also some scrumptious silk. Here’s a sneak peak at some of that scrumptious silk because I’m knitting with it already. This is the Tuscany shawl from Amy Singer’s No Sheep For You in Handmaiden Silken and the colourway is Rose Garden. I’m knitting this for my Tai Poh’s (great grandmother on mother’s side in cantonese) 96th birthday present. I’ve finished about half, but this picture is only when I started.
Tuscany (knitted lace shawl) WIP

I’m going to be destashing my books and some other stuff soon closer to my birthday (06/13) I’m not sure if I’m going to do it in a contest form or first come first serve or even both. Stay tuned.


2 Responses

  1. Nice socks! I really like Panda sock yarn.

    Mmmm, that Silken is gorgeous! :0)

  2. Your new haircut looks great! 🙂

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