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Every knitter’s dream

Mini-me with Little G with holding his Sheldon the turtle

So when we were in Ottawa I finished the second Sheldon (rav link — non-rav link) and was able to give both turtles to L & T’s boys. I had forgotten the black yarn for the eyes, so we decided to give the one with no eyes to Little G’s baby brother, S.   If you look closely you will realize that the one that Little G is holding has no eyes! Well Little G loved the turtle he got so much that he also claimed his baby brother S’s!! S is almost a year old, but soon he will be able to speak up and get his turtle back. I was a bit worried that the boys wouldn’t like the turtles, but as you can tell by the picture of my daughter, mini-me and Little G it is a huge hit. It was wonderful to see how much he loved the turtle and how much it made him giggle to throw it in the air. Little G even asked his mom, L if the turtle could come in the bath with him!

It was so much fun watching Little G tire mini-me out, who ended up being his babysitter. He really took to her and started calling her MeMe, which is close her online nickname, but not her IRL name! Super cute though!