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Where I tell you what’s on my needles after a few weeks of silence.

So I’m back!! Since there has been a few weeks between my last post I don’t think I have completed a single item yet. It was all that frogging plus the fact that my e-ink reader (Cybook Gen 3 ) was shipped to us as well. If you check out my reading list page you’ll see that I have finished far more books and that has eaten away a lot of my knitting time. With all that said, onto the fun part what is on my needles. Well after making this post over on the ISE 6 blogI frogged the scarf (I talk about it here). Now I am finished one ball of SWTC Pure (in Cabernet) and have been stalling for a few days due to the fact that I have to start a new ball. I will be taking this project on my Ottawa trip with me in my carry on to work on it on the plane. Picot cuff mini-monkey socks in CP Bamboo blueberries-grapes colourway Next up is my Monkey Sock Swap Four pal’s socks. I am knitting a modified version of Cookie A’s monkey sock pattern. These are mini-monkeys with a picot edge cuff. I will be posting pictures of my provisional cast on for the picot edge with some tips at a later date. I love these socks, they are knit with Crystal Palace Panda Cotton in blueberries-grapes. They are so much fun to knit and I will be knitting a pair for myself as well as mini-me very shortly.

If you look on the FO page I have put one of the secret projects I was knitting on it. My pal from HSKS 4 has received her package and in it was my first fair isle project a HP House Bag, to find out more check out my FO page (FYI not all FO’s for this year have been put on the page yet but I’m not too far behind).

Look what has been resurrected from the dead, my second Sheldon the Turtle!! I finally finished the feet and now I just need to do all the finishing and stuffing. I want to finish this tomorrow so I don’t have to worry about presenting Sheldon the first to one brother and the other brother has to wait for his. The two cute recipients of these lovely cuddly green things live in Ottawa and it’s about time they get their X-mas 2007 presents. I also have to figure out which one will be gifted to which little one and sew their first initial on their turtle. I’m hoping that that will avoid any fighting over who’s turtle is whose beside the fact that I switched the mc and cc for the second turtle.

Oh I also have a few other projects on the needles. Since this is such a long post I’ll just tell you what they are and go into details in the future. Also I’ll add pictures just so you know what the heck I’m talking about 😀

Clapotis (designer Kate Gilbert, pattern found on Knitty) in SWTC Bamboo – Fiery colourway (below)

Aleita Shell (aka My Cloudy Sky Shell) from Interweave Knits, Spring 2008 in Elann Camilla grey colourway

Plus a picture of an FO the dark faerie cowl while it was still a WIP more details later. (Leah you rock I love this yarn!!!) If you want details here’s a Ravelry link sorry folks without Ravelry you’ll have to wait till I post again or till you get your invite. What are you waiting for go and sign up now hurry!!! Also on the needles and doing well is my dragon scale scarf in Handmaiden seasilk and the plain pair of socks in Panda Cotton in seascape that I posted pictures a while back of the first sock, well the second one is coming slowly along. Wow got a lot on my needles right now and many UFOs that will be making a comeback soon, stay tuned!


3 Responses

  1. You have some great knits on the go! You’re making much better progress with your Sheldon than I am – I find knitting these little things really fiddly. :0)

  2. Gosh, you do you think you could cram any more knitting into that post? 🙂 Looks like you have a lot of great projects going!

  3. Hello!
    i’m drlaura “sock guru” for Crystal Palace yarns.
    would love your ok to post your pic and link to you on our CPY blog CPYsocksandmore and also “Blue is for April” so you’d be entered into our contest drawing for prizes – yarn, books, magazines, etc!

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