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Strange Times

Strange weather picture -- snow-covered cherry blossoms in March not normal vancouver weather!!
So I actually made it to a meetup today it’s been soo long since the last time I actually talked knitting with knitters. I feels good to know that you aren’t the only one crazy for yarn and such. We briefly talked about how it’s easy to start talking knitting then talk about knitting podcasts and patterns thinking that everyone knows what we are speaking of and that might not be the case. I’m sorry to the person in our group who probably thought some of us were talking crazy talk. The internet brings a whole different feel to getting to know our fellow knitters, yarns, designers etc.. that we feel that we really do get to know others even if they are in another country or we have never met them IRL. I thought about it some more on the way home and I realized that I am so used to talking about my knitting here with other knitters and the fact that I can link either to Ravelry and/or some other url to show you all what the heck I’m talking about that it’s easy to do this when talking to other knitters in person. Sadly this may exclude people who haven’t fond the wonderful world of knitting blogs (too many to mention here — must get my bloglines all sorted out and share the wealth), Ravelry, yarndex or wonderful internet yarn shops and other such places for everything and anything related to knitting (like Elann, Knitpicks, The Loopy Ewe, Jimmy Beans Wool, Kpixie, Sweet Sheep, Etsy and so many more that I could go on for days but I won’t) There is so much information out there to digest that even if you are in “the loop” there are always a trillion or so new things out there. It’s fantastic and scary (especially for our wallets 😉 and credit) I’m so glad to have you all to share things with and learn new things from all of you 😀

With that all sad I’m sorry that it’s taken two whole weeks to put up a new post! It’s been that long already?!! I haven’t had a hiatus like that for a while, I think… His Tallest is off of work for most of April and we leave for Ottawa this Tuesday for a wedding. I can’t wait and wish we would have more time there. I’m taking my laptop and the hotel has free wifi so even if I don’t post or knit check out my flickr site because I should be loading pictures at least!

PS the picture above is of a freak snow that hit us near in March.  This is NOT normal weather for the Vancouver Area.  Rain, hell ya — snow we go visit it on the slopes.  It was really strange to see the snow fall when the cherry blossoms were out.  Strange, yet beautiful.  So I took some pictures and now after a few weeks (sorry again about that I promise knitting content post after this I have a lot to catch you all up on) I’m sharing one with you.


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  1. Oh lucky. I need to make it to a meetup soon…. maybe once I’m back from Mexico and can feel like I’m staying put for a while!

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