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Visiting the frog pond yet again!

Frogged yarn from my ISE pal's scarf sitting on my keyboard

So after finishing my blog post over at the ISE 6 blog and I took and posted pictures of my pal’s scarf in progress I frogged it. It was curling at the ends and I saw some errors in the lace. 16′ or more of knitting gone! Also frogged about three times now is my monkey swap sock pal’s second picot mini-monkey sock. I’ve also started and frogged a clapotis for myself. I haven’t had any knitting luck lately, so I’ve been taking advantage of having a fantastic e-book reader. This means I have at least 3 books I’m currently reading. I’m realizing that I’ve always been a multi-project kind of person with books, writing, crafts and cleaning. I have to have more than one or two tasks on-the-go otherwise I get bored or is it that I get bored of one and start another then another then go back to the first because I’m bored with the second and so on.

Well I’m procrastinating making dinner and it’s already 8 pm where did the day go? Off to make dinner, sorry about the boring post I promise to have something more interesting very soon complete with pictures of WIP and I hope that they don’t get frogged!!


3 Responses

  1. Sorry about all the frogging! Are you going to start those projects again, or use the yarn for other things?

  2. Hey, Chelle! Thought I would say hello on here since I don’t know if you ever got my message on Ravelry since you were having some trouble with sending/receiving stuff. Hope you’re doing OK!

  3. […] my needles. Well after making this post over on the ISE 6 blogI frogged the scarf (I talk about it here). Now I am finished one ball of SWTC Pure (in Cabernet) and have been stalling for a few days due […]

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