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I found my sock mojo and update on the holey lace disaster now with pictures

secret of the stole ii clue 1 disaster!So I finally have a picture of the lace disaster that I blogged about a little while back.  I haven’t finished clue 1 yet, I frogged it yet again due to me not properly installing the lifeline.  Note: do not put in a lifeline on really small lace thread projects really late at night especially when you suffer from low vision and eye strain, it is NOT pretty.  I just picked it up again yesterday night and the first 6 rows of the easy knitting, now that I’m rested it’s time to put in that lifeline.  I am not giving up on this, I’m going to conquer this soysilk thread and pattern.

I finished a sock and now I need to cast on the second.  I used Yarn Harlot’s simple sock pattern and the yarn is panda cotton in Seascape.  Also I have fixed and turned the heel on the Green Monkey sock, it’s been a UFO for longer than I thought.  I was starting to think I lost my sock mojo, but it came back and soon I’ll have two pairs of sock done!

Sadly due to the missing camera battery charger I have no camera!  *whine, sob, sniff*  Broke down and ordered a new one after the battery completely died on me.  It should be here in 4 to 7 days business days *sniff*  that is way too long without a camera for me.  I should go see if I can get my old camera to work again till the charger comes.

I also got a package from the so far as I know blogless Wednesday (however she is on Raverly, but I’m too lazy to link sorry) who is my Loopy Ewe Swap partner.  She sent some great stuff and there is one more package coming with the finished knitted object.  Due to some techinical difficulties the knitted object is not done, I’m patient plus that means more packages to squee like a little japanese fangirl.  This first package had a pretty bamboo box with some Numi tea in it (it now holds stitchmarkers!), beautiful yarn cake of Schafer Yarns Andrea in Dian Fossey (sooooo beautiful), three bars of dark chocolate (there are only two left now :-D)  and last, but not least the first volume of the manga Dramacon by Svetlana Chmakova.  Thanks Wednesday I’m already hooked to Dramacon and badly need to go pick up the next three!  Also have been reading Svet’s online comics, love them!  I took a picture of the package with the last juice left in my battery – so if I find my card reader there will be pictures very soon!


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