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Lace knitting tortoise disaster

*sigh* I finally finished clue #1 of the Secret of the Stole ii and decided to block it then take pictures before going onto the next clue. I know I’m part of the tortoise team, I believe clue #4 or 5 when out on Friday! So I was excited on finally finishing clue #1, with hope that I’ll have the other clues done soon then I’ll finally have caught up. Sadly this did not happen… you know why? There was a huge whole where a stitched dropped that I never even noticed! It was right smack in the middle too. There is no way of fixing this mess except frog it all. So I’m back to knitting clue #1 again. I wanted to show a picture of the huge hole in the middle of my stole; however I can not find the charger for my camera battery. His Tallest’s idea to buy a camera that has it’s own battery with a charger, that is now been M.I.A. for a while. So there is no evidence that I actually dropped a stitch that caused me to reknit clue #1 for the nth time, but I thought I’d share my frusteration here with you readers.

I had decided as my New Year’s resolution that I’d knit “real” lace because up until now I’ve only really knit simple lace patterns. Sadly since I’m allergic to all animal fibers it really limited the laceweight yarns I can use. I decided to go with the soysilk thread because it was great on a this girl’s yarn budget; however I am regretting not spending the money to get silk laceweight because it’s so much easier to knit with then the tiny dental floss I’m using now. I’m tempted to go to one of my LYS’s and raid their stock of Handmaiden sea silk because it’s laceweight but much softer, bigger and prettier in general than the honey coloured thread I’m currently using. Can’t do that though, His Tallest’s work has been laying off a whole smackload of people in all their offices and this is the company that doesn’t fire incompetent morons, so you know it’s bad. So I have to be very careful not to spend money for a while, till things settle down just in case.

Well wish me luck with the stole I’ve cast on again and I’m about halfway down clue #1, so now I’m going to cut some crochet thread to use as a lifeline. I have a few FO’s to post about; however till my camera battery charger is found they will have to wait for another day. Happy Knitting (or Frogging)!


4 Responses

  1. Ohhhh, keep knitting… You will get there! I can’t wait to see your hint #1 completed….

  2. Thanks for the encouragement your pattern is turning out beautifully even if I mess it up royally every few rows 😉 Only twelve more rows to clue #2 yay!

  3. Hi C ~ I need a little knitting advise and ravelry is down right now, so I’m leaving a comment here is hopes you’ll get it and be able to respond.

    I have a dishcloth pattern that calls asks me to Make 1. What kind of increase should I do? I don’t want a hole in the knitting, so does that mean I should knit in the front and back of the same stitch?

    Thanks ~ Julia

  4. Hi Julia,

    I’m sure this is a little late but hey it’s good to have it for another time. M1 is an invisible increase — I’m not sure if you remember the one I showed you where you pick up the bar in between the stitches {looks like this x_x] with your left needle and knit into the back (like a twisted st.) If your Internet is fast enough, another great way to getting knitting help is this site (there are awesome videos that have helped me out a lot!) or if you need book form I highly recommend getting this book (the knitter’s companion or one similar) It’s great to have a reference book handy if there isn’t another knitter around 🙂


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