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Aloha Toe up Socks!

Life’s been so busy that I haven’t had time to keep with blogging as well as Ravelry! I’ve been working on so many projects at once right now and I really need to get those monkey socks finished. I should have finished them long ago, but I keep on ripping them out! I have to rip them out again and start from the very beginning on both socks, arrgg. It’s the yarn I’m using it’s so busy and I keep knitting on them at knitting meetups and losing my place even though I’m sure I can knit this pattern in my sleep. Thank the goddess the package doesn’t need to be shipped till Nov. 1 by the latest. Also I need to rush on those stitch markers for the stitch marker swap. I’m trying a new technique and it’s taking me longer to get my butt going then normal beaded markers. Worst thing is my silver rings for the stitch markers are missing, so I need to make an emergency trip to get some more I think this time I’m going to get split rings even though. I’m going to keep my new technique I’m trying top secret because once I’m fully done, there will be a whole post dedicated to it.

I got some Socktina Cotton that I’ve been waiting forever for (well it seems that way) from the Loopy Ewe this week. It’s a self-patterning cotton sock yarn and I thought that it would be better to knit it toe-up. I’ve never knit socks from the toe-up and I think I really like it; however I had to rip out my progress because I stopped decreasing on the toe later than I should have. I tried it on and it was huge! Here’s a picture of it minus a lot of progress I had made before I ripped it.

I used Queen Kahuna‘s “Aloha” cast on method (warning the link aloha cast on opens as a PDF)for toe up socks. I also ordered her book because one can never have too many sock knitting books! Come on go and try it yourself, it’s fun!


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