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No seriously!

I am still sick from the evil illness of dOOm, sigh.  Tomorrow’s the destash extraganza for the knitting meetup that I need to get out and go to more.  I’m hoping that by all miracles I’ll be okay enough to venture out tomorrow night and give away the wool, wool/acrylic and cotton angora yarns that I need to destash.  I have a sweaters worth of debbie bliss cotton angora that I need to find a new home for and this will be the perfect time to do so.  You’d think for someone who is allergic to such fibers she won’t have them in her stash but I also have some awesome superwash merino sock yarn that I don’t want to part with but I really, really should because even yummy superwash merino makes my throat sore and tighten up as well as start the other allergy symptoms.  So this yarn all needs new homes.  

Also a very large thanks to my SP, who sent me the wonderful Amy R. Singer’s No Sheep For You book.  SQUEE!  Despite being hoarse due to a swollen sore throat I did a happy dance and squee
when it came in the mail today.  To think I was about to go out and by this either before my trip to San Rafael or during guide dog handler training there.  I can’t wait to cast on the Cheeky Ribbed socks, Cables and Os (cardi) and Tucany (shawl).  Another really cool thing in this book is Me-friendly (read Amy-friendly and/or wool allergy friendly as well) knitted trummed mitts!!!  How cool is that huh?!  They are made from cotton and silk roving in lieu of wool and wool roving, I might make myself a pair of these in the fall even though I don’t really wear mittens these I’ll make an exception for.  So thank you to my Secret Pal you made my day today.

As for the progress of my mini clapotis in SWTC Phoenix it was completed then frogged due to being way too small, so I’m going to mod the mod!  Lol, yep I’m a geek and proud 😎


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  1. Yay! I’m glad you got the book. I will send you a real package soon, I just wanted to get something in the mail for you. Aren’t you glad I warned you not to buy anything?

    Your SP

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