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Here comes the sun

So I’m back from a week in California and after many, many months of rain here in the lower mainland it’s sunny outside!! Many of us have been extremely grumpy due to lack of sunshine this winter and I recovered by insisting on a trip to California for some much needed sun therapy. It was beautiful and the fog wasn’t too bad where we were staying. I didn’t get much knitting done, however I did frog the sock I was knitting out of Cascade Fixation again! I did get some yarn from S’s aunt who we were staying with. I picked out some pretty ribbon yarn, a few balls of Lily’s Sugar and Cream cotton and some pretty ack yarn which I started the Ariel scarf with but didn’t get too far yet.

As for secret pal contests I won the first one!! Yay me. The next contest Robyn wants us to blog about our favourite knitting accessory and I’m finding it hard to pick just one! So I’ve decided to choose two.

First, my knitpicks option needle set. I love this interchangable needle set, the needles and cable joins are nice and smooth and the bonus is the needles are sharp enough to be great for knitting lace. I’m working on my first Branching Out scarf with my Knitpick Options. Another great thing about this set is when you are travelling you have most of the needles you will need at your disposal and I’m will be definately bringing these to guide dog school with me next month!

My other favourite knitting accessory is my go knit pouch see them here I love that you can attach it to your loop on your jeans so you can knit in public without having to take out your yarn or worry about dropping your knitting. I did have two of these; however I did lose one on public transit and now never travel without it being attached to something. It carries small projects really well and you still have room for your other accessories like a crochet hook, stitch markers, extra dpns etc.. I have a camouflage one and hope in the future to be a owner of a burgundy one. I attach my pooh bear dangles to them because I tend to use these as stitch markers sometimes and it also helps me find my bag 😀


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