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People suck!

Well I checked the lost property office for our public transit today and now I’m really frustrated, mad and sad all at once. Why my you ask?? I lost my brand new knitting bag (from Pick up Sticks, Sock of the Month club), my second legwarmer (almost completed), 12-inch denise cord with the 5mm (size 8) tips and one of my new stitch markers!! Some git decided instead of doing the kind and decent thing they kept it for themselves!! Damn it at least hand the knitting in, I don’t care about the bag really it’s another $20 or so, but it’s the hard work, the hours of knitting up that legwarmer in time for my sis-in-law’s trip back home from Europe and the needles & cord that belong to a set! Well I guess I have to replace the cord and needle because as much as I love my Knitpick Options they don’t have any cords smaller than 24 inches. The other option I have is to buy another set of Options and knit small things in a round on two circs because I really, really luuurrrvvveee these needles!!

What’s new, I have my bejeweled scarf out of soysilk off the needles. I do need to block it because it is much shorter than I wanted it to be and block it will definitely fit this issue. I’m on my third repeat of the lace pattern on my Branching Out Scarf and it’s coming slowly but I don’t mind I’m taking my time on this one. Also I have my first socks on dpns. I did frog it because somehow I messed up slightly after the cuff and wasn’t sure how I messed up, so it’s back to the cuff again. I have to go to the yarn store sometime this week to get some Cascade 220 to re-make those leg warmers! Yep, I’m allergic to wool and I’m going to knit with it, again! The legwarmers are a very easy pattern after the two coloured cuff, all it is is stockinette purgatory till you are done the length. It’s loads of anti-histamines & inhaler for me and days with a very, very sore throat and itching hands because that’s what wool does to me. I’ll be taking breaks from it and knitting up the Branching Out scarf in yummy silk to make me feel better though.

I have so much more to tell but I’m sick and despite taking a 4 hr. nap I’m still beat so it’s off to bed with me. I’ll save the rest for another day.


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