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Head over heels in love

I finally decided to skip the class sock and head straight into sock knitting and I’m in love. I have finally mastered those evil dpns. All it took was learning in my sleep. Yep, I learned how to use dpns in my sleep. I was dreaming that I was knitting socks in my dream, enough to be able to visualize how to do it in my mind when I wasn’t dreaming. So I put those thoughts into action and feel head of heels in love with sock knitting! I have to thank Connie the owner at Pickup Sticks and her Sock Club because the Pony Pearls that she sends with your first month of the sock club are magic!

I just ordered sock blockers from Pickup Sticks and some more sock yarn. I love Zen Garden’s cotton/lycra — pretty colours and I’m not allergic to it! Oh also have more of those magic dpns coming to me. Yay!! Connie was also awesome enough to send me over to The Loopy Ewe because they have Crystal Place’s Panda Cotton and see it knit up as a sock on Sheri’s blog. It is said to be soft and yummy, so I ordered a few (ok enough for 4 or 5 pairs) skeins. I can’t wait till they get here as well. I’m sure every knitter’s mailman must think that we are doing something illegal with the amount of packages we get in the mail! I’m on a secret yarn stash diet — opps I’m outed it’s not secret anymore, but sock yarn doesn’t count as stash! Mr. Pixel looks at me very strangely when I say this like I’m some crazed addict or something that needs help, *rolls eyes muggles* you knitters out there can back me it I’m not crazy sock yarn doesn’t count.

Books!! I just got a swack load of new knitting books . I’ve decided that I am not going to outgrow this knitting lifestyle (yes it is no longer a hobby, it’s a lifestyle), so like the good bibliophile I am starting my knitting book collection and it has expanded to over 20 books so far. Here’s the list. I still want to get some Elizabeth Zimmerman books as well as some of Nancy Bush’s books and add about 50 or so more but those are the ones I really think are a staples and those come first. Can anyone of you out there in blogland add some more books that you think are staples in a knitter’s library? Feel free to add them in a comment I’d love to compile a list of books I will be on the look out for.


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