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Wind it up baby

So my new ball winder came in the mail with loads of other stuff from Knitpicks yesterday, yay!! Even though I had thousands of other things to do I ended up winding up many balls of yarn to test out my new ball winder. The test went well and I’m in love!! The only thing that gave me troubles was the Euroflax Linen that I picked up to knit the Forest Canopy Shawl pattern, which I want to start soon since I have received my Knitpicks Options Interchangables (more luuurrrvvvee, *wipes drool*) I would have posted lovely pictures to go along with this post but my camera is with Mr. Pixel on a business trip in India and China, lucky camera!

I’m still working on the bejeweled scarf which was frogged due to dropping a stitch of the eyelet part. It was a good reason to switch needles and now I”m using my Knitpicks Interchangeables instead of my bamboo straights. Boy is the scarf working up fast with these smooth nickel-plated metal needles, so I’m not too upset that I had to frog it. I keep on forgetting to put a life line in my lace work *note to self use a lifeline or prepare to frog* I haven’t worked much on my Branching Out scarf because I really need to take my time for the lacework and I should enlarge the chart or make my own because the chart I printed is tiny (well for me, you people with good vision probably have no troubles!) and I’ve been using the wording, which is very long and tedious that it’s easy to forget where you are. I have casted on, knitted the ribbing and am about halfway down on the second rollergirl leg warmers from the S&B Nation Book. Since she comes from Europe like TOMORROW I thought that I’d work on it like a mad woman and finished it tonight or tomorrow, go me! So far I have succeeded n this task after weeks of the “second sock syndrome” slowing my progress. I’m thinking of felting them a little to shrink them because she’s got skinny legs and these puppies fit me, maybe I’ll have her try them on first.

Well that’s it for me today, BTW there is a new Lime & Violet episode out go and listen! Till next time happy knitting/crocheting.


3 Responses

  1. Oooh, pretty shawl pattern. I’ve been meaning to make myself a Branching Out scarf too.

    Yay, knitting journal!!!

    -Junebug = )

  2. I am envious……
    enjoy that ball winder! LOL

  3. @ Junebug — great to see you here! I can’t wait till I finish the all the projects I have on the needles because I really want to start that shawl.

    @ilix — hi I’m new at this blogger thingie so hopefully you check back on your comment thingie, but I’m willing to share the ball winder from mass amounts of dark chocolate! As long as it is washed if yarn that is on the evil allergen list was used!

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