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New WIP – Fat Botton Bag and the on-going adventures in knitting

Since I’ve had to frog my bejeweled scarf a little bit more than I’d like to due to mistakes of a new knitter, I decided to ease my soul with some easy-to-fix crocheting. I’m working on The S&B Crochet The Happy Hooker‘s Fat Bottom Bag in Lion Brand’s turquoise cotton. I am 1/2 done the bag and before I work the flap and graft them to the bag and handles I need to line the bag, then I’m done. I picked this because it was a great project to work with some of the yarn in my stash and not start another new project that I have to learn something new, so I can let it work up with almost no thought in my hands as I listen to an audio book and relax.

I plan to start on Coronet soon because I just learned how to do a provisional cast-on and I learned how to cable a while ago in my first knitting class. I had mentioned to the awesome knitting instructor that I wanted to tack fair isle, cables and intarsia (not nessessarily in that order), then socks once I learned how to knit and purl 😀 I’m adventurous! Now a lot of knitter’s I knew hated cables saying they are the devil, so I asked my instructor why many knitter’s seem to have a distaste for cables, are they really hard? I love cables, I find them beautiful and they make a simplitic pattern come to life thus I was determined to learn how to knit them. My instructor said they aren’t as bad as many say they are, it’s mostly due to most people not knowing what they are doing and being afraid of trying new stuff with their knitting. So she decided right there and then to show me how to cable, lol I had just started getting the hang of casting off and I knew how to knit and purl so she handed me her huge needles, some light wool (accchoooo, yep I’m allergic even to 25% wool and 75% acrylic blend, but I was determined to take full advantage of learning cabling) and she proceeded to tell me how to cable and had me try it without making it complicated. As I was putting stitches on the cable needle, dealing with other stitches then working the stitches on the cable needle, she was telling me the most important thing is to pay attention to the pattern you are working from because the needle will need to be held in front of your work or in back and the pattern will tell you which. As thought, this is simple you just need to remember not to drop the stitches on your needle and a cable needle with a bend in the middle helps, while you are working the other stitches and follow your pattern very carefully, easy peasy!! I was amazed that I learned to cable within a few minutes and my instructor did not that I learn fast as well because I caught on right away. So in the next week or so once I finish my scarf and bag I’ll be happily working on the cabling of the cabled ban of Knitty’s Coronet.


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